An Inside Look At the Clinton Foundation Racket

The latest batch of Wikileak revelations puts the spotlight squarely on the involvement of former Bill Clinton aid and co-founder and President of the global “consulting” firm Teneo, Doug Band.  Apparently Teneo’s form of consulting was acting as the go-between for those seeking access to the secretary of state and possible future president.  That was until Chelsea put the kibosh on the scheme when she became more involved with the Foundation.



5 Comments on An Inside Look At the Clinton Foundation Racket

  1. Pay to Play.
    Where’s Comey and the FBI?
    Oh I forgot, the Clintons are too big to indict, prosecute and jail. The $Billions they have amassed buys a lot of protection from a corrupt Government.

  2. Even CBS Radio News picked up this one, calling this the first Wikileaks direct hit linking the State Department and Clinton’s enrichment.

  3. Comparatively speaking, racketeers are rank amateurs. I’m sure the modern Mafia initiation consists of burning a “Taint Hilary the Reviled”, card.

  4. Chelsea Clinton:
    Graduated Sidwell Friends School
    History Baccalaureate from Stanford University
    Public Health Masters from Columbia University
    International Relations Doctorate from University of Oxford

    Decided to join the family “business” to make it “respectable”.

    I guess Ghost Busters wasn’t the biggest gender flipping “homage” failure in history, after all.

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