An insider at the San Francisco psychiatrist association convention gives us a whiff of why they’re called ‘shrinks’

American Thinker:

Remember the golden era of blogging, around 2005 or so, when blogging was really good? Back then, people who were experts, or else really, really, observant, blogged with photos and told us all about the world around them, observing the absurdities the media was missing. Think of the all-time greats, such as Zombietime, or Tim Blair, or well, you probably have some favorites.

It’s not there much anymore, but happily, there are still some instances of this kind of blogging greatness.

Via Thomas Lifson, found a good one from a blogger who is apparently a psychiatrist (update from Thomas Lifson: the blogger is Scott Alexander, a West Coast psychiatrist), who attended the American Psychiatric Association’s convention in San Francisco. The Slate Star Codex blog has a post on this meeting of a quarter of the country’s psychiatrists that’s long and droll and extremely funny, loaded with pictures that implicitly explain to readers why ‘psychiatrist’ is often preceded by words such as ‘bat-brained.’

He outlines 10 observations about the field – from its absurd addiction to pharmaceutical ads and why that’s going on – often, drugs are just repackaged with big markups to benefit Big Pharma. And the post goes into how woke the profession is – more interested in leftwingery than actual psychiatric topics in its panel discussions, even though there are some substantial topics of actual merit addressed, too. They just get plowed under out by the sheer quantity of woke topics such as “Working Clinically With Eco-Anxiety In The Age Of Climate Change: What Do We Know And What Can We Do?” and other barf drivel. He or she observes that these two things juxaposed together — big commerce and Occupy-style lefty screeching – present a very weird picture… MORE

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  1. Crazies administering to crazies. The mental disease of liberalism creates the demand for the “experts” known as psychiatrists who in turn rarely “cure” their clients. And if they do there is always a new liberal disorder to keep the bucks rolling in. I mean, how many conservatives ever go to a psychiatrist?

  2. Psychiatrists are sicker than their patients. Emotional and mental problems are solved by prayer and reading the Bible.

  3. Psychiatry is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on a gullible public in all History! The amount of money conned and the number of lives wasted is enormous! and it still goes on today!

  4. How can you possibly be an expert on something that is still mostly a mystery?
    They are given degrees studying questions nobody knows the answers to.

  5. Great Irony,,,
    10 years earlier (1995) we were a Nation consumed by,,,
    Add a decade, the internet and micro-chips,
    Bloggers = Cloggers
    same s^it,,
    No Offense, agree when blogging in the golden era meant something from those to respect and did respect!
    Today ‘Lil’ Timmy Diapers Loaded’ has a ‘Blog”,,,
    and he attacks and smiles,,,
    same s^it,

  6. I wonder if there was anything about gender confusion in children, or the fad of being transgender, or the risk of treating prepubescent children with hormones to halt normal development, or was there a debate about conversion therapy being against the law?

    Nah probably not.

  7. Holy shit!… The shrinks have gone full bore progtard. Fuck them and their – now – shitty profession. Chalk them up to another fields destroyed by marxist cunts.

  8. Don’t forget these are the same “experts” who proscribe psychotropic drugs to people who then find it necessary to go and shoot up a theater or school.

  9. If you think the psychiatrists are bad, you should read the Pediatric journals or go to their conventions. They are definitely “bat shit” crazy–they are right in line with the teachers. I realize I am generalizing but my husband is a retired pediatrician but he still gets the journals. It is scary what they believe now–gun control, climate change, transgender rights, FGM, and a bunch of other SJWs’ crap.

  10. 1 of the commie goals from 1963.
    “Take over the profession and use
    it against Christians.” Make up terms
    only syco docs can understand”.


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