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An Invention Only a Climate Fanatic Would Demand

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A Net Zero Co invention for sustainability is drawing ire on Twitter: it’s a reusable cloth towel to be used instead of toilet paper after using the facilities. It involves toilet cloths, from which a piece can be pulled out, folded in thirds and preferably be used after wetting it with water. After use, the piece of toilet cloth is to be folded inwards, stored in a wet basket or bag, then thrown into the washing machine. After that, it is to be re-folded and thus reused. More

24 Comments on An Invention Only a Climate Fanatic Would Demand

  1. It’s called a diaper. I remember them from the 60’s.
    Remember the Tiddy Diddy Diaper service anyone?

  2. You just know the filthy hippies using rags to wipe their butts would prolly use some hippy dippy organic laundry soap that wouldn’t clean the rags properly. And no bleach either. Then, they would wash their clothes in their e coli infested washing machine and wear fecal matter everywhere they go. Hippies are filthy.

  3. “A Net Zero Co invention for sustainability…”
    they must be so proud of themselves
    they’ve invented the rag

    it will be so nice, sitting next to someone on the mandatory bus ride home from work, knowing they have a baggie full of digested cricket paste shit in their pocket. On the bright side, if you have covid, you might not smell it.
    this has to be a computer simulation
    if ‘we will own nothing,’ can we just mail them to DC when we use them?

  4. Let’s go back. Back into time. JDHasty was given all kinda shit for posting right here on I Own The World that people wo have never experienced out and proud progs can get their minds around just how filthy and disgusting the damn things are.

    These days, what I hear is: Can you believe that shit? Believe it, I was trying to tell you what to expect once they think it is safe to rub it in your faces.

    Twenty years ago they were running around Seattle and Portland with their offspring in pants with the entire crotch cut out so their fashion accessories could shit and piss all over the carpets at places like Borders Books.

  5. Silly me!

    I’ve been using Paper coffee filters, and I’m really tired of my Coffee tasting like shit.

  6. And I bet they won’t use their own washing machines; they will take their filthy butt rags to a coin-op laundry and contaminate the washers there for the unsuspecting people who must go there to wash clothes.

  7. You ever have to wipe and all you can find is a wax paper food wrapper? Lemme tell ya, I was traumatized.

  8. Hell I’ve been doing this for awhile now. If fact I tuck in my hat cause you never know when a emergency may happen. When I get a big pile of em to the coin laundromat & freshen up the place.

  9. Yeah, we’re worried about TP when we see herds of used coofmasks everywhere in urban areas.
    But go ahead, you doo you.

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  11. Big Stacy uses a fire hydrant as a bidet. That, and a rag on a stick can usually clean up the dark side of the moon.

  12. All it will take is a “scientific” study claiming the carbon-reduction value of shit-rags, then placing a few close relatives of key pols on BODs. Finally, 10% to the Big Guy, and you’ve got your EO mandating shit-rags and phasing out TP.


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