An iOTWr Classic Retread


Since we’ve been using this photo of Crazy Uncle Joe (apparently relieving himself behind Obama) lately, we thought it might be a good time to rebrand a classic old iOTW piece from April 2010. Hope it brings back some tender memories for you.

6 Comments on An iOTWr Classic Retread

  1. After those two creatures have been flushed from the White House how will they ever find enough chemicals to be able to fumigate and properly cleanse their plague of quiet dignity?

  2. The sad thing is Uncle Joey could be the next president. The GOP rigs the election in Yeb Bush’s favor, Trump could very well run 3rd party ensuring a win by Joe Biden.

  3. If Sheriff Joe picks Fauxcahontas as his running mate we’re gonna’ need some Cowboys and Indians campaign posters.
    Let the photoshop begin….

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