An L.A. House Painter Talks About The Need For A Wall

Ever wonder how the mass influx of low skilled labor from south of the border has affected the building trades in Los Angeles? Dave Morrison makes a living painting houses and can tell you what has happened to all those native born Americans who use to work in the building trades. Here

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  1. Lets talk legal outsourcing. I have been in the mortgage business over 25 years and am unemployed by the banksters because they can outsource everything to India. What we used to do in 2 weeks now takes months to produce. Welcome to the digital age.

  2. One thing ALL illegal aliens have in common is that they are thieves. No matter how beautiful their wife/children/family is, no matter how friendly and seemingly trustworthy they seem to be, no matter how hard working and diligent they seem to be, they will steal your tools and your ID, your social security number, that will steal it all….I got some Bad-Brad stories I could tell, but I’ll leave it to this one….
    Jorge worked his way up from a humble shoveler behind a caisson drilling rig to running the rig himself. One late evening he opened up the refueling pumps to refuel his drilling rig and then refueled all of his crews personnel vehicles. He also bought a couch on the companies credit card….THIEVES!!!….

  3. OT
    Hey Mitt
    PG&E is looking for you
    Something about rocks and pebbles and grains
    How DEEP is your PORTFOLIO

  4. He’s damn smart for a “simple house painter.” Like our Prez, he’s clear, direct — and correct.

    It’s so sad listening to the Dems posturing about how much they believe in border security and want….. …..but then, more verbal oatmeal mush, falls out of their mouths.

    (Right now, I’m finding Theresa May the world’s most offensive politician, explaining to her Brits that she wants Brexit…. ….but, they know, she and her plan are both scams.)
    …..Lady in Red

  5. It certainly won’t get better if minimum wage, for legal, taxpaying workers is raised to $15. Hiring illegals ‘under the table’ will become more attractive at that point. And all wages will go up too as a result. I have support people that I work with, and they are educated and licensed, but the wages they get now are in the neighborhood of the new proposed minimum, which I feel is too low now for their skills and dependability. Their wages would have to go up to reflect their investment in their skills, and not be the same as a burger flipper or server in a restaurant.
    This minimum wage hike thing probably has a lot of disreputable business owners salivating at their pending profit potential. What happened to E-verify, and its enforcement?
    (In the past, if you ran obama’s social security number through E-verify, it came back- ‘invalid.’)

  6. My wife’s cousin has lived in the Big Bear area of Calif. for thirty plus years. Last summer, about the time the video was uploaded, he came home to visit family for a few days. A young second cousin, who just graduated high school and ready to go forth and see more of the world, asked about his chances finding a job doing construction work there. The answer was no because it’s all now controlled by Mexicans. Better look elsewhere.

  7. Years ago the cops could stop people walking along a deserted stretch of Farm to Market in ranch land Texas. If they were wets, that got hauled away. Twenty years ago some stupid Federal law put an end to that. It was up to us to track and hook them up, call BP to cart them away.

    Aside from the all-to-infrequent homicide of shitbag ranchers that hire wets and don’t pay them, there is no penalty that will turn this hideous magnet off.

    They don’t care if your TB skin test converts. You get measles, chicken pox, they act as Chagas reservoirs or deadly swine flu vectors. The don’t care how many times packed tamale rockets run from Migra, T-bone and kill entire families in traffic. Unless it’s them getting sick or dead, they don’t give a shit.

    Every time I read or watch a report of a South Texas rancher sympathetic to illegals I know that sombitch is using them. Or safe-housing them for cartel cash, even a coyote themselves.

    Give me civil asset forfeiture on human trafficking and I’ll own a spread bigger than the King Ranch within ten years.


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