An Ultimate Beatles Medley – IOTW Report

An Ultimate Beatles Medley

23 Beatles songs in 8 minutes accompanied by a homemade animation. I’ve always preferred the Blue over the Red Album, but I enjoyed this medley done primary on an acoustic guitar. Watch

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  1. Sean Ono Lennon sent Paul McCartney a birthday greeting a few weeks ago with his own version of Here There Everywhere . It was lovely . Think it’s on Twitter

  2. When traveling, we always listen to the Beatles channel on XM. It’s the only music we can agree on.

  3. I’m tired of them.
    Exhausted actually.

    “Imagine there’s no Heaven” Seriously? On This site?

    I’ll Take Elvis & The Stones and I’m only 52 Yrs.
    Both softer & harder & I won’t feel guilty that Yoko is still getting residuals.

    Cheers friends.

  4. Ed Sullivan show, black and white TV . . . Beatles. Memories still bouncing around

  5. picking a nit … ‘Money’ was a cover by The Beatles, not a Beatle song

    ‘Introducing The Beatles’ was my very first album purchase in 1964 (at the tender age of 11) … $2.98 at G.C. Murphy’s in Aspen Hill, MD

  6. And this concludes our tour of the ancient history wing in the museum of the obscure and meaningless.

  7. Whether you grew up with the Beatles and they were an important part of your life, or you just appreciate their music and understand how they changed the world, I have to say that this 20 year old festival is for you. I went for the first time this year and was astonished at just how good it was. So much great music and so much fun. Hope to see you there next spring.


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