An update on FLOTUS’ ‘sudden’ surgery

BPR: Fans of Melania Trump were shocked to discover the first lady was hospitalized after having an operation on one of her kidneys on Monday.

Amidst a big news day filled with stories of the U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem and another damning revelation against Mueller’s investigation came the shocking news that a seemingly healthy Mrs. Trump underwent an operation for a “benign” kidney condition.

The first lady had an “embolization procedure” and will be monitored for the rest of week at Walter Reed National Military Medical center, according to Fox News. The operation is performed to cut off blood supply to masses that form on the kidneys. The growths may be tumors, aneurysm or most typically cysts, Fox News reported.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America website states:

“In this procedure, an interventional radiologist uses imaging guidance to insert a catheter into a primary artery and advance it to blood vessel leading to a tumor or other area where the bloody supply needs to be blocked.”


Kidney embolization procedures are fairly routine and can cause minor complications, such as a fever or pain at the injection site, according to Fox News.  read more

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  1. ‘Sudden’ surgery can mean emergency, or it can mean ‘we didn’t want to give you a week beforehand to talk about it.’ Probably the latter in this case.

  2. She is so much more gracefuL than the first Moose.
    It will be delightful to see your rapid return!

  3. John McShitStain uses our $$$ & goes to the Mayo Clinic
    Harry Greed uses our $$$ & goes to Johns Hopkins

    Melania Trump goes to a government-run Veteran’s hospital

    (btw, healing prayers for Melania)

  4. Shitty McShitstain wished Harry Reid a speedy recovery, but not a word to the First Lady!

  5. ABC: Was it her kidneys or did she just want a little R&R away from Trump?
    NBC: Despite what the WH says, her treatment is consistent with that given to someone who was pushed down a flight of stairs head first.
    CBS: The WH would not deny the rumor that the desperate Melania OD’d on sleeping pills and vodka.
    CNN: This just in – Melania Trump has filed for divorce from Donald Trump for kicking her in the kidneys.

  6. Class, no ‘act’, real.

    A speedy and thorough recovery to the FLOTUS.

    That said we need you back on ship!! Forthwith! NOT to cook..that would help… but to BE the OUR rudder…after all our mudders are our rudders.

    BTW I hope Baron is feeling better now that mom is feeling better…


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