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Analyst who schooled Don Lemon speaks out

Hilary Fordwich expands on her takedown of CNN’s Don Lemon on the topic of slavery and reparations with Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt.

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  1. This honest woman, although brave enough to stand up to the leftist media is actually a classic liberal. Her disagreement is not necessarily against the narrative of reparations.
    She seems to have a problem with the logistics and who would really be responsible for reparations. She hasn’t figured out reparations is a Marxist scam.

    Liberalism is not as entrenched or dogmatic as Leftist doctrine. There is hope for this educated woman to get a better understanding of how the left operate politically. Maybe then she won’t continue unwittingly carry their torch.

  2. TRF, Mansa-Musa would have turned *Lemon Limp Wrist” Don into a eunuch. Then made his woman hating ass a slave in one of Mansa-Musa’s harems.


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