Anatomy of a programmed bint

Whoopi didn’t believe any of the women making Cosby accusations.

Here’s the stupid bint in 2018, after being programmed—>

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  1. I sure hope Sam Elliot got a buttload of money for doing “Fatal Beauty” back in the day. Having to kiss THAT could render a man “useless”. (Shudder)

  2. That she has fans at all speaks to the absolute cultural rot in todays society.
    She was forced on the public from the beginning just to throw a bone to blacks and I don’t think they even like her.

  3. I don’t understand people who are chronically angry. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. They poison everything with their hostile and negative attitudes. It’s bad enough they ruin their own lives, but that doesn’t satisfy them — they have to rain on everyone’s parade.

  4. Democrat: No rush to judgement, innocent until proven guilty.

    Republican: Women need to stand up and be heard!

  5. I never understood how Ted Danson could live with her. She also claimed that Roman Polanski didn’t rape that young girl. She is as stupid and tasteless as her looks.

  6. Deplorable B Woodman – Are you related to Norm McDonald? I am astonished that you really would want an answer to your question from an assistant crack whore.
    No offense

  7. @Abigail

    I think they are programmed by their professors and the media to think everything is bad and rotten….there is nothing good in the world. I know, I used to think that way. It’s a very depressing way to live.

  8. They’re not programmed – they are corrupred – happily.

    In the short term, the corrupted have it easier, but in the long term, the shame of their corruption and how they so willingly wrecked their futures will haunt them both practically and psychologicially.

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