Forced to Remove Ad by Social Justice Warriors

What were the complaints?

-This never happened. Any white DNA in a black is the result of rape.

-It depicts the white man as a savior, when in reality they are the devil.

-Romanticizes slavery.


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  1. Read the comments. I never thought that even the SJW’s could be reeducated to the extent that a little commercial could cause blood to poor from their ears and eyes. Maybe a lobotomy would help them become useful citizens.

  2. Ancestry dot com meant this to be a dig at Trump. They could be together when they cross the border. What border? Mason Dixon?

  3. I don’t trust or 23 and me or any of those annoying groups who want to tell where I came from. I already know that, so why should I pay them to tell me what I already know. Besides they’d probably tell me I’m a Martian from the planet Barsoom or something else. I also wonder if most of this is not just a scam to separate you from your hard earned money.

  4. @geoff, I read an article maybe a year or so ago about these companies, and they basically confessed to fudging results a little on some accounts, depending what the person said in their bio/info sheet, whatever they have you fill out. For example, if someone expresses love of a particular country, and writes that they have reason to believe they may have a little of that blood, then the tech will put that in the results, even if nothing of that group showed up in the person’s results.

    So who knows, if you say you love Mars, maybe you **will** test as part Martian!

  5. I think is sucker bait. I know people who proudly claim they are related to Henry VIII or George Washington from what tells them. I wonder how pulls off stuff like that.

  6. Me either, Geoff the aardvark. It’s only a step up from horoscopes, if you ask me. But I can see these companies being used in the future to determine who gets reparations. If the wokesters would stop whining for a minute they might see that the ad shows how DNA might be their meal ticket.

  7. Ancestry said in a statement: ‘Ancestry is committed to telling important stories from history.

    Yeah. Um. Ah. No.

  8. Generally speaking, white males have no interest in black females.

    Black dudes, on the other hand, love to get them some white females, pretty much irregardless of the circumstances and consequences and laws.

  9. A.Moose
    APRIL 19, 2019 AT 12:55 PM
    “geoff the aardvark ….actually you’d be a Barsoomian-Martian and entitled to free stuff.”

    …but ONLY if you came here ILLEGALLY…

  10. @A.Moose April 19, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    > you’d be a Barsoomian-Martian and entitled to free stuff

    Sorry, Mr. Plays a Lawyer in Teh Interwebz. Men are from Mars. So git back to work. Dat chit ain’t gonna free itself.

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