Ancient jaw bone found in Israel shows modern humans left Africa 180,000 years ago   Modern humans were wandering out of Africa at least 180,000 years ago — some 60,000 years earlier than previously thought.

The new migration date comes after ancient stone tools and part of a fossilised Homo sapiens jaw bone with teeth were discovered in a cave in northern Israel.

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Until now, the oldest evidence for modern humans outside Africa were only 90,000 to 120,000 years old.

The fossil jaw and tools, presented today in the journal Science, challenges currently accepted ideas about how modern humans dispersed from Africa, according to Peter Hiscock, an archaeologist at the University of Sydney.

While geneticists have traced the modern human’s emergence from Africa back around 60,000 to 80,000 years, “skeletal information excavated by archaeologists has told a much older story”, Professor Hiscock said.  MORE

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  1. I read an article earlier today (sorry, don’t remember source) and someone was stating they left because of climate change. I’m not kidding.

  2. Here is what I don’t understand. How is it that modern humans are said to have originated in Africa? I’m surprised no one is finding early signs of modern humans in Asia. There are 1.2 billion people in Africa, 4.6 billion people in Asia, with nearly 2 billion people in China. It’s hard to imagine all those Chinese came from Africa originally.

  3. the main thing everyone has to keep in mind is that the theory of evolution is a belief that everything started with africans evolving from apes.

    lets don’t let the democrats forget that.

  4. “Hey Grog, a hundred days walk North the mosquitoes all die in the winter”
    “The Bloody Hell you say!” He turns and shouts
    “Wife! Round up those brats of yours, we’re moving”

  5. Due to the recent melting of glaciers in Greenland from the pockets of molten magma under the crust of the earth, scientists have discovered proof that early man was living near what is now Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. This was thought impossible because the tilt of the earth caused that area to be in constant ice year-round. In order to verify the scientist’s theory, they embarked on an extensive search to explain how this could happen in such an inhospitable location.

    Last month, a group at NASA revisited studies made on the history of the formation of our Moon. They have determined that the asteroid that impacted the earth and created the moon was responsible for the change in the tilt of the earth. Prior to that impact, the planet’s current north pole was located near the equator, thus placing Greenland within the temperate zone required for the proper conditions to the creation and evolution of man.

    My source tells me that they are in the process of compiling the data to write a paper. Their discovery will cause a major crisis in the scientific community, so they are also in the process of locating a fortress to hide in for the next 100 years.

  6. It is funny how our “history” as humans is such a mystery. Joe6pak, you have a great point, why do they know which direction; why not going TO Africa. And Walpurgis, you also made the point I was instantly suspicious about: That 180Kyr date does make it the absolute last or first time humans migrated thru Israel.

  7. I may not be a anthropologist, or a geographer, but I am a thinker. Looking at a globe, isn’t Israel actually IN AFRICA?????

  8. So, per the headline, “modern humans left Africa 180,000 years ago”, I guess the ones who stayed behind were NOT modern? I guess that explains a lot.

  9. Junk science, extrapolated largely from sheer theory, influenced by fashionable PC.

    Africa is geographically a giant island, much of it complex cut off by the Sahara.
    The ONLY land bridge off Africa to Eurasia is lifeless and lethal terrain, impassable on foot with children and meat livestock.

    Academics must not get out much.

  10. @Joe6pak – actually there are MANY discoveries that show the “Out of Africa” story 60,000 years ago is a fairytale.

    The Smithsonian discovered “The oldest known evidence of hominins outside of Africa come from the site of Dmanisi in the Republic of Georgia, one of the most prolific fossil human sites in recent years. The age of the Dmanisi fossils is about 1.85 to 1.75 million years old. Comparing the Georgian and Chinese dates, the evidence from the Nihewan and Yuanmou regions is consistent with the spread of early hominin populations beyond Africa into the Caucasus region and into East Asia between roughly 2 million and 1.7 million years ago. By 1.66 million years ago, early humans of the genus Homo who reached eastern Asia were able to disperse over a wide area that extended from at least 40°N (Nihewan basin) to 7°S (Java, Indonesia), across a habitat range from temperate grassland to tropical woodland and possibly forest.

    In Greece, 1959, they discovered a skull at least 700,000 years old that does not resemble the “out of Africa” skulls but is more European.

  11. @Rufus T. Firefly January 26, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    > The ONLY land bridge off Africa to Eurasia is lifeless and lethal terrain, impassable on foot with children and meat livestock.

    Like Detroit, it wasn’t always that bad.

  12. The neighborhood was no doubt being infiltrated by noisy, violent Neanderthals that demanded “special privileges” from all the other cave people, so Homo Sapiens flight, ya know?

  13. if…and i mean IF….humans originated in africa…..

    that would mean….the only way to progress as a species would be to get the hell out of that hellhole continent…..

    everyone who got the hell out – meaning caucasians and mongolians – managed to develop civilized societies…..them which stayed behind are still stuck in the jurassic period…..

    this, of course, is accepting the idiot idea that africa is the actual “cradle of humanity,” ……which it pretty obviously is NOT….you can go miles and miles and miles and miles in africa, before you come across any semblance of “humanity”…..yeah, there’s lots of “people,” but not much HUMANITY……

    i’m tired of arguing the benefits of western civilization, so let’s us start arguing the benefits of AVRICAN “civilization”….

    look how much of the world they colonized…look how much of the world they discovered…look how much of the world they have ruined… wait…..i didn’t mean that last one…..

    lol, oh yes, i did go there…..

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    God bless you and help you.

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