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And Just Like That, the Left Hates Liz Cheney Again

Pacific Pundit: I really am enjoying watching the complete and total meltdown of the left in the media, at the Supreme Court and politicians. Liz Cheney, who has done nothing but pander to these left wing communists posted a tweet saying how “pro-life” she is and how happy she was about the Supreme Court ruling today. The backlash Cheney is getting from the left on Twitter is absolute gold! more

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  1. “How do you do, my fellow pro-lifers?” lolol

    All of the RINOS in Conservative, Inc. are taking unearned victory laps right now, for something they either had nothing to do with or sabotaged for decades. Nobody is fooled by this behavior, but many of us are disgusted by it. But fear not. The first time any leftist legal or legislative resistance to the SCOTUS decision pops up, they’ll all jump the pro-life ship as fast as they can. And that scumbag David French will go first.

  2. The Hilarious irony of all these lunatics “Melting Down” Over these SCOTUS decisions is that they have spent their entire lives using this same Lawfare Bullshit to legislate their preferred policies through the courts. Well guess what?…The Court Giveith and the Court Takeith away. Wait until this same court declares that the Gov can’t deem CO2 as a “Pollutant”. Heh, I Can’t Wait.


  3. Old Lizard Cheney just can’t catch a break no matter how much she panders to the left or disparages the right!

  4. No man stands with a traitor, Liz.

    Not even another traitor in a party of traitors.

    Enjoy the inner circle of hell, liz.

    You earned it.

  5. Who is she kidding? She’s not pro life. She’s a weather vane who turns on a dime.
    The sooner this crunt is gone the better.

  6. I’d love to be able to read the comments written on those Republican party voter registration forms that get sent back to Liz by the Wyoming democrats.

  7. Her legs aren’t long enough to straddle such a wide gulf. She will tumble. Her political career is over and done.

  8. Tim Buktu
    JUNE 25, 2022 AT 12:54 PM
    “Her legs aren’t long enough to straddle such a wide gulf. ”

    …IDK, I’ve heard that “Wide Gulf” is considered to be in some way descriptive of her in the lesbian community, but I’m sure I don’t know why…

  9. Tim Buktu,
    as I started this thread my mind went to indecisive folks trying to step onto a boat at the dock. They waffle and hesitate, keeping a foot on the dock and the other on the boat.

    As the boat drifts away, the inevitable comedy ensues….

    TubbyWubby Liz is gonna make the big splash. So sad.

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