And Now, Introducing, One of the Stupidest Tweets By a Senator in a Very Long Time

Our future, apparently, isn’t male.

It will heavily weight the concept of intersectionality – grievance groups standing in solidarity to smash the straight white male patriarchy.

But it will be powered by our belief in one another, excluding straight white males.

The future looks bright for the formally oppressed, they get to become the oppressors!

30 Comments on And Now, Introducing, One of the Stupidest Tweets By a Senator in a Very Long Time

  1. I moved to rural America so I would’nt have to deal with intersections powered by others beliefs….or their toyotas….

  2. Hey leftist females:
    Would you prefer to make me a sandwich or change a tire in the rain?
    Would you prefer to brew me some coffee or shovel snow?
    Would you prefer to get up at 4:30 AM or 8 AM?
    Men have been kicking ass and taking names for a millennia.
    Feel free to take the reigns. Good luck.

  3. “Intersectional ”
    WTF is that? I’m like a math guy. I get Intersections. At what angle? 3d or 2d? This can actually get quite complicated mathematically. It’s easy two D at a right angle. But gets shit tough after that. Shes describing a rotated compound angle. Which I can trig. Give me some criteria. Honestly I’m so sick of these ass hats.

  4. “It’s plain and simple: Women should have complete control over the decisions they make about their own bodies.”

    Unless there’s cake involved. {fat joke} *meow*

  5. They’re all dreaming that science will come up with synthetic sperm. Then they’ll wage war on men to eradicate all of us.

    Keep on dreamin’ fat lesbys.

  6. I’d pay to see how flummoxed she must get putting on a girdle. Like kneading dough or squeezing a balloon, the folds of loose flab being displaced in one area only to erupt in another.


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