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And Now, I’ve Seen Everything.

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  1. We already know about aspiring rappers, I guess we are about to find out more than we want to know about retiring rappers.

  2. I can’t believe I made it to 1 minute.
    I guess I was trying to understand what they were saying. I couldn’t comprehend a single sentence.

  3. “And Now, I’ve Seen Everything.”

    For now.

    You can’t say that’s a forever thing.

    There’s always a topper. Life’s like that.

  4. LOL! Whoa, need a translation for those lyrics. Think I heard “Lagos”, “Germany” “Vegas” a French phrase but mostly London slang I don’t understand. Still, those very entertaining British senior rappers represented with their “verses”.

  5. Jethro NOVEMBER 29, 2022 AT 5:32 PM

    Beat ya, not proud to admit I made it to almost a minute and a half!

    P.S. Got the book White Lotus and about a hundred pages into it…
    You didn’t mention it’s almost seven hundred pages.

  6. What in the hell did I just waste a minute and 13 seconds watching? I couldn’t understand a thing they said. Like I’ve always said, you can’t spell “crap” without “rap”.

  7. Thanks again PHenry, for letting us know about Five Times August, it’s great music that I’ve been listening to on Pandora early this morning. He reminds me of early Bob Dylan and Donovan’s music from the early 60’s. This is the kind of music that we all need to hear but radio stations will never play in this day and age of crap music. I’m a fan already and will listen to more of his music throughout our snow day in Eastern Wash., we’re expecting 8-12 inches of snow today and all the schools are closed so it’s a good day to listen to new music. I’m also going to pass Five Times August onto my son as well as my oldest daughter in Nashville, they’ll enjoy it as well. I don’t know which is worse rap, disco or soul music, they all suck.

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