And the award goes to…

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  1. “I heard that one of those was put into each of the gift bags for the Oscar attendees.”

    ….God, I HOPE not, @joe6pak. I’ve got a preeety good idea what they’d USE it for, and – being who they are – they’d FILM it, and there you’d have NEXT year’s Oscar winner.

    …or do I need to remind you about Hillary’s “my husband” comment…

  2. @ BFH – You’ve inspired me to do a version in clay.

    I can do his whoopie-dee-doo hair in the back of his head…




  3. Supernightshade, so are you trying to say you don’t think they will keep it dusted and polished and displayed on their trophy wall?

  4. Yes, watched the Oscars because stupid leftards are very entertaining. The idiots spent all evening trying not to mention President Trump – except for demented Spike Lee, it was hilarious.

  5. Reagan closed NOT ONE unneeded department, if Trump finally closes down the Dept. of Education and forces states to do their job, he will beat out Reagan for sure.


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