And the Hit-Pieces Just Keep on Coming

Patriot Retort:

Add the Washington Post to the outlets writing hit-pieces on Kamala Harris.

On Saturday, in an article headlined “A Kamala Harris staff exodus reignites questions about her leadership style – and her future ambitions,” the post makes Biden’s wildly unpopular VP sound less like Selena Meyer and more like Mommie Dearest.

Or, in this case, Kamommie Dearest.

The article is behind a paywall, but here’s a few pull-quotes:

Staffers who worked for Harris before she was vice president said one consistent problem was that Harris would refuse to wade into briefing materials prepared by staff members, then berate employees when she appeared unprepared.

Yeah, I have no problem believing that.

And given how frequently Kamala appears unprepared, there must be a hell of a lot of berating going on. more

12 Comments on And the Hit-Pieces Just Keep on Coming

  1. Klammy is about as useless as a hat full of broken assholes. Useless as tits on a nun. Useless as a screen door on a submarine. You get the drift.

  2. So, when Kamala inevitably loses her job, how soon after will her “unfortunate-looking” step daughter lose her modeling gig?

  3. Klammy is as smart and as useful as a bucket of warm spit. She’s a cheap who-er as well.

    She’s the Pamela Harrelson of the 2020’s who sucked her way up the ladder and became a US Ambassador.

  4. “It was rather like a forced-on numbness of spirit. The long, long stress of a gale does it; the suspense of the interminably culminating catastrophe; and there is a bodily fatigue in the mere holding on to existence within the excessive tumult; a searching and insidious fatigue that penetrates deep into a man’s breast to cast down and sadden his heart, which is incorrigible, and of all the gifts of the earth – even before life itself – aspires to peace.”

    Conrad, 1902

  5. “Commie-La’s burps taste like Willie Brown” has to be the funniest spot-on political commentary I’ve ever read.

    She is a good example of the Peter Principle on steroids. She long ago rose to her level of incompetency and since then had to fuck her way upwards to the US Senate and then cling to *Biden’s beshitten coattails to get to be Veep Throat.

  6. I wonder who her replacement will be when she resigns for health reasons?
    Obama can’t stand her.
    Stacy Abrams?
    Mayor Pete?

  7. But she’s the vice president and she’s been president for an hour!
    I think her people just don’t get her brilliance! How else could she be where she is? She must be good at something!


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