And the Lack of Self-Awareness Award goes to…


Patriot Retort: It’s true that lacking self-awareness is a common handicap among the Left.

But every now and then someone comes along whose lack of self-awareness is so glaring, it completely resets the bar.

And this morning on Twitter, I stumbled across what has to be the zenith in cluelessness.


10 Comments on And the Lack of Self-Awareness Award goes to…

  1. It may help to go back several posts, and in the comments there was a rant regarding I.Q.’s It will help sort out any confusion when little sense can be made of this idiots comments.

  2. It’s the Lord’s way of protecting imbeciles and morons.
    Otherwise the skies would be darkened by the smoke of millions of self-immolations.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I can tell you what isn’t a lie. His Twitter storm that backfired re the ape in a blue vest as racially coded messages in the War for the Planet of the Apes.
    Unintentionally, DeRay actually crept close to the truth.

  4. I cannot stand that faggy turd
    and his “HR” job that pays 165k
    a Yr. with the Baltimore school district.
    A frickin’ desk job that involves keyboard pecking
    and cubicle squatting…


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