And they call us stupid

Patriot Retort: Those condescending wankers who love to laugh and call us stupid aren’t looking particularly bright today are they?

Yesterday the man they swooned over and promoted as “Presidential material” was convicted for attempting to extort Nike.

Yup, Michael Avenatti is looking at some serious jail time. And he’s still facing additional charges in California.

Funny how the people who love to call us stupid stupidly fell for this con artist.

So who are the stupid ones?

Never forget that gormless dink Rick Wilson laughing himself silly over us stupid Trump supporters calling us “credulous boomer rubes.”

And yet what did this oh-so-much-smarter-than-you Wilson say about Michael Avenatti?  Well, in a puff piece in Time Magazine on a possible 2020 Avenatti run, Wilson said this:

“You’ve got to be brave to go up against Trump,” Wilson says. “Avenatti’s got balls. Giant, clanking, titanium balls.”

Hopefully those “giant, clanking, titanium balls” come in handy when Avenatti is bending over to pick up the soap, am I right, Rick? more

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  1. @Billy Fuster – further justice will be served when CNN files for bankruptcy. Eventually AT&T is going to get tired of subsidizing its losses.

  2. The call us ‘stupid’ because they are narcissists – the only way they can feel better about their wretched selves is to put down someone else.

    Dangerous people. But they make great concentration camp guards.

  3. Why hasn’t he been charged with misrepresenting that lying, crazy woman who falsely claimed she was present at all those high school parties where girls were plied with booze and passed around for sexual gratification by Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his chums? What about it Attorney General Barr?

  4. Basically they were looking for a savior that could get rid of Trump.

    We’re not looking for a savior. We’re looking for someone to do their damn job.

    Big difference and one they cannot see. Because they’re sooooo smart… 🙄

  5. Of course not, they are too myopic to believe anything except what other lying dems (MSM) are spouting off as the truth. They never fact check or see things from all angles. But, question their beliefs, because they were fact checked (and not by Snopes) and they think you are the idiot. When the times comes that they are proven wrong, they will never admit defeat and will always change the subject. Typical, your usual can’t think for themselves assholes.

  6. In fairness, too many people on our side stood with Scaramucci before he revealed whathe was.

    Unlike Kim Guilfoyle, they didn’t screw him though.


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