And this is……..?

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  1. For those not seeing the video, if you run a script filter you need to allow several content delivery servers run (*cdn* servers). Be sure to revoke temp permissions when you’re done. BTW, it is worth the effort to see this!

  2. Asshattery?

    Really poor muzzle control?

    Backwardassed sand hillbillies playing the fool?

    Dress rehearsal for “Hadjii Got His Gun”?

  3. Bunch of inbred…I bet our Dear Leader in the White House would like to give this a try — except he probably doesn’t have strength in his finger to pull the trigger. He’s got the bunny hop thing down though.

    Those drums remind anyone else of the old Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller just before he comes and saves Jane from the boiling stew pot?

  4. It’s an execution. There’s someone under that carpet whose probably guilty of some horrendous crime like showing their ankles on the prophet’s or some other stupid ass fucking thing. Fuck Islam. Fuck muslims. It’s be a great day when half those motherfuckers get nuked out of existence one day.

  5. and our much superior armed forces haven’t brought these carpet killers under heal in what 14 years of combat in iraq and afghanistan?

    we just aren’t really trying are we?

  6. * Islam’s contribution to NASA’s rocket propulsion technology.

    * Ceremonial killing of a magic carpet that can no longer fly.

  7. Probably some goat fcuker ritual where one of their heroes shot a gun into the ground and flew up to allah.

    As stupid as these rag heads are, unfortunately it appears they’re not actually using projectiles. However the flash and bang is somewhat impressive, they’re probably pouring a little more powder than necessary.

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