Andrea Mitchell asks historian to debunk a Trump claim and gets an unpleasant surprise

AT: An odd form of hubris has overtaken Democrats in both their political and media branches.  They are so certain that President Trump is ignorant and they are smart that they march right into traps of their own devising.  Consider this face-plant by Andrea Mitchell, dead certain that President Trump must be incorrect in has claim about Abraham Lincoln: that event the Gettysburg Address was criticized by Lincoln’s  contemporaries.  more here

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  1. Just like the MSM slammed Sarah Palin when she mentioned the 1773 Boston Tea Party. Of course they never apologized.

  2. These people are a terrible embarrassment to our country. And yet they call themselves “educated” because they went to a prestigious school and have a half dozen honorary degrees hanging on their “Atta” walls.

    Lincoln gave the address only a few months at the end of the war. Democrats being who they are and have always been, couldn’t come to terms even with the decisiveness of the defeat of war, incited a well-known actor to murder Lincoln.

    And they don’t think they have a mob mentality now?

  3. That last line – ‘so it wasn’t all fake news’. Since the guy agreed with the statement Andrea could imagine that whichever ‘her truth’ was wasn’t fake. And she needed that desperately – to be able to believe that whatever she says is real, the other is fake.

  4. Andrea Mitchell is in the quarterfinals for “Ugliest Woman on Television.”

    She’s up against Rachel Maddow on Saturday.

  5. This reminds me of the story about a guy who wound up in a jail cell with a man who looked exactly like Abraham Lincoln. He told his cellmate, “Man, I can’t get over it – you are the spitting image of Honest Abe!”. The other guy replied, “Well, that’s what everybody tells me, so I guess it’s true.” The first guy said, “But I don’t understand how someone that looks like you could be a criminal. Why are you in jail?” The Lincoln-lookalike replied, “I got arrested for robbing convenience stores and beating up homosexuals”. The guy said, “Wow, that’s just crazy – how did all this get started, anyway?”

    The cellmate replied, “Well, four stores and seven queers ago…”

  6. I’ve been to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield Illinois.
    They have copies of articles and editorials that were scathingly vicious against President Lincoln.

  7. If Trump sounds ignorant and repetitious at times, it’s because he’s speaking DIRECTLY to YOU, Mass-Media-Morons, in a way you might understand..


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