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Andrew Breitbart Speaks About Netanyahu’s Appearance Today

You heard me. This was 4 years ago, but could have been today.

HT/ C. Steven Tucker

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  1. Andrew was right about everything!
    It’s more important than ever to continue to fight his fight.

  2. That made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He is so greatly missed. When the opposition leader was shot in Russia i couldn’t help but think of Breitbart.

  3. I miss Andrew – He set the standard for bloggers

    This is why Øbama wants to control the internet

    Øbama is a disgrace to humankind

  4. Speaking of body english, what’s with the guy who shows in the camera around 5:12 or so, looking as if he’s waiting for Andrew? If he has Breitbart’s back, great. Otherwise, I’m sure Andrew wiped the floor with him.

  5. This is eerily on target. He was gifted. I love what he said “scientifically, provably stupid”.

  6. Speaking of the single issue split between the anti-Israel Radical Leftards and the Pro-Israel Radical Leftards, Jamie Dupree said on Hannity today that Galoompy was one of the more vocal supporters of Bibi today and that Galoompy agreed that Bibi was absolutely right!!!

    I was kinda stunned. I mean, Galoompy is Galoompy after all…

  7. Remember when God sent all those plagues to the enemies of Israel? Yeah. Part Deux is gonna be fun!!!! >:)

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