Andrew Cuomo: Brother Chris Cuomo Could Have Infected My Mother Matilda with Coronavirus

Breitbart: Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday told New Yorkers that his brother, Chris Cuomo, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, could have infected their mother, Matilda Cuomo, with the disease.

Andrew said that his mother, age 88, was at Chris’s house two weeks ago.

“I said, ‘That was a mistake,’” the governor recalled during his press conference Tuesday. “I said, ‘Chris, you can’t have mom at the house,’ and he said, ‘No, no, no. Mom is lonely. She wants to be at the house. I feel bad she’s cooped up in the apartment.’”

Andrew recalled that he told his brother, “You bring her to the house, you expose her to a lot of things.”

He said that his discussion with his brother helped him realize he needed to detail specific guidelines for older residents, prompting him to create “Matilda’s Law.”

“Love sometimes needs to be a little smarter than just reactive, and we had a whole discussion,” he recalled.

The governor said that if his mother were still at his brother’s house, she would now likely be sick with the virus. more here

18 Comments on Andrew Cuomo: Brother Chris Cuomo Could Have Infected My Mother Matilda with Coronavirus

  1. i wish this on no good mom

    as much as i dislike the cuomo bros, i wish their mom well

    i’ll bet she was a different kind of democrat

  2. Fredo, what the hell are you thinking!?! The only thing keeping you alive is the love of your mother. For the love of God, Fredo, after you mother dies don’t go on any fishing trips with your nephew and your brother’s personal driver.

    On the other hand Big Brother could just send over an in home healthcare provider and Pillow + Corno virus= natural death. Less questions asked than when Scalia was found.

  3. What did you expect, he works for the Chinese News Network, where intelligence isn’t a requirement.

  4. It is gonna be a rough thanksgiving at the Cuomo household this year.

    That last interview on CNN was awkward illustrated that there was a lot of shit between them.

  5. I wanna hear about Mom Cuomo’s opinion about Andrews nipple piercing…bada boom….bing even….

  6. Andrew- the slightly more successful and arguably favored brother- deserves to be bitten in the nutsack by a rabid New York rat.

    Stop being a ass kissing control freak, the worst kind of sibling. Ugh.

  7. Now his Italian-ness is totally unleashed and he go over the top with it and show off. His love for his mother, the Sundays with spaghetti sauce on the oven, the cheek-kissing. Italian pride and ostentation is annoying. It’s cool in the movies but when they do it in real-life, you see the cultural narcissism. They are the red sox fans of ethnicities. They’re so fascinated by their own culture that they act like they are the only ethnicity that has a distinct culture. Like sox fans think they are the only fan base that cares about their team. Mama Mia! (barf)


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