Andrew Cuomo Crushes Joe Biden Rumor That He’d Be the Ward Orderly in a Biden White House

RedState: I think one of the saddest things in presidential politics is when a candidate for leader of the free world has to pick someone as a vice president to make him look serious. I understand picking a woman or three-toed redhaird Eskimo pygmy to appeal to a particular demographic or voting bloc, but when you pick someone to convince America that you have a non-idiot within hailing distance of the Oval Office, it is sort of embarrassing for just about everyone. Such was the case when George W. Bush…a successful two-term governor of Texas…picked Dick Cheney and when Barack Obama…an unaccomplished, do nothing, one-term senator…picked Joe Biden to be, in the vernacular of political reporters, ‘the adult in the room.’ News flash. If you need a babysitter maybe you shouldn’t be running for the presidency.

So imagine how Andrew Cuomo felt when he read in the media today that Joe Biden was saying he would be the chief of staff in a Biden White House. Not vice president, because that has been promised to someone with sniffable hair. Not secretary of defense. Not secretary of state. Chief of freakin staff. read more

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  1. I fail to see the significance of the B25 medium bomber in the background,. They were flown on the Doolittle raid in 1942, but all were captured or crashed.

  2. i think at this point somebody from the iotw family could create a great parody of the dnc using the gilligan’s island theme song

  3. White House chief of staff is the second most powerful position of an administration, but only by a little bit.

    Andy C. would make a better titty bar men’s room attendant, supervising Joey B. as he cleans urinals and commodes.

  4. seriously, who is running Biden’s campaign? … ’cause they’re about as dense as he is

    … &, let’s face it, that’s pretty thick

  5. @Molon: “Thick…that’s it! We’ll draft a ‘thick’ woman for VP!” – Biden’s campaign manager.

  6. We’re witnessing only part of the pay back Joe has coming. For a lifetime in politics of swindling, along with destroying decent people’s character and lying through his false teeth Joe is humiliating himself all in public view.
    Personally, I’m enjoying it, he has it coming.
    He’ll pay the rest after check out time.

  7. Senile Joe won’t be picking anyone. The party will assign one.

    Senile Joe won’t be doing much of anything, actually.


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