Andrew Cuomo Deserves No Plaudits for His Handling of Crisis

American Greatness: The facts prove that Cuomo put his state, and yes, the country as a whole, in danger with his last-minute disaster planning and fealty to open borders. That should spark outrage, not admiration.

It was a stunning confession.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted that closing schools and colleges in his state was a spur-of-the-moment decision based on a health crisis for which he was not prepared. “What we said at a moment of crisis is ‘isolate everyone,’” Cuomo told reporters while seated in front of boxes of medical supplies. “Close the schools, close the colleges, send everyone home, isolate everyone in their home. [It] wasn’t even smart, frankly, to isolate younger people with older people.”

Cuomo conceded that the reason he ordered public schools and colleges shut down was that he “didn’t have the knowledge [and] we needed to act.” The governor’s comments were made on March 24, more than two months after the first reported case of coronavirus was detected in Washington state.

New York, particularly the city, is the nation’s current hotbed of coronavirus activity. According to one tracking site, nearly 31,000 New Yorkers have tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in 3,800 hospitalizations and 285 deaths. On Wednesday, three army hospitals were deployed to New York and Washington to provide medical support and additional beds if needed.

The third-term Democratic governor, unsurprisingly, is earning media praise for his handling of the crisis. read more

18 Comments on Andrew Cuomo Deserves No Plaudits for His Handling of Crisis

  1. Praise for fumbling and balking and handing off the plague to the Feds so they don’t get any blame as it blows up. The demorats stick together as the ship goes down.

  2. I understand that pretty much everyone ordered shutdown of everything with social gathering, so I don’t particularly fault him for shutting schools. I do fault him for ignoring the problem well into March.
    But we now need to recognize that it is the forced cohabitation of families crossing generations that is the greatest danger now – and act to isolate the elderly (which my parents have done on their own) and allow the rest out to restart the economy.

  3. This moron of a governor wants to ship his actively infected patients out of the quarantine zone in NYC to upstate because he thinks that all the hospital beds in the state belong to him and his ‘peeps’ in the Metro area. Forget that upstate hospitals are sized to meet the needs of the local communities, BARELY, and that if any outbreak starts upstate these beds would be needed for upstate residents.

    Thank God we have not had any major outbreaks up here (fly over upstate resident I am) but imagine shipping contagious people into an area with a very low rate of infection. The infection rate of healthcare workers is much higher than the average population due to their constant exposure. This just carries the virus to new victims as these healthcare workers go home at the end of shift and spread the virus, despite their most diligent efforts to decontaminate themselves.

    Cuomo is a fool. He is currently also embedded in his budget process that he only engages with democrats for. Upstate gets screwed. This just reflects the lack of humanity and intelligence that this man portrays on a daily basis. Dumb politicians cannot solve problems. They only spread misery with their policies and taxes.

    The outbreak in the NYC area was not properly contained and now there are thousands who are dealing with Covid19 and it will only get worse from here due to Cuomo’s inept execution of his duties.

  4. He just admitted that he acts first before he knows what he’s doing. This should haunt him if he’s drafted at the Dem convention.

  5. Shutting down the economy is going to do more harm than the virus.
    The economy is what sustains life. To say the economy is only about profits or the djia is a foolish statement.
    The thinking that we don’t need an economy and we can just rely on the gov’t to take care of us is the heighth of stupidity.

    But i don’t care. let New York and LA implode. Elections have consequences.

  6. Cuomo is an idiot. He allowed comrade DeBlaso to basically infect the entire eastern seaboard, while he dithered and whined about not having enough equipment that he never ordered in favor of a Green Energy kickback scheme.

  7. Glenda T. Goode; as a UpState NYer I agree. Cuomo is only looking out for voters in NYC that carry him along during elections, everyone else in the state have to live with his bad choices, because he doesn’t need us. Be safe…

  8. He’s been blaming Trump for his own failures since the beginning of this whole thing, preemptively washing his hands of any real disaster. He is worse than useless.

  9. It’s impossible to “mishandle” a fake “crisis.”

    Bumbling, braying, bamboozling … he just has to demonstrate that “he cares” and the morons will fall in line.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. in order for ‘test and trace’ to be a viable tactic, heavily infected areas will have to be quarantined. Keeping track of 100,000 New Yorkers and everyone they’ve been in contact with is not feasible – especially if they scatter across the country.

    Most of the country would be able to get back to work, with only infected people being isolated, and those they’ve contacted being monitored.

    If people in the ‘flyover states’ are not able to work, supplies will become scarce for everyone – especially the shithole cities who don’t really produce useful stuff.

    It should be named the ‘(D)umbass virus’ in recognition of the globalist open borders crowd who’ve done so much to deserve it.

  11. “go out on the town & ride the subways” right up until the last minute.

    Gino Bastard!


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