Andrew Gillum Hit with Federal Subpoena for Campaign Records

Breitbart: Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum, whose failed gubernatorial bid against Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) turned him into a darling among progressives, is the “focal point of a recently issued” federal subpoena, according to a report.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday that a federal grand jury is seeking information regarding his campaign, along with matters related to a non-profit and a wealthy donor. The subpoena reportedly requests information on Donald Sussman, who contributed $1.5 million to Gillum’s campaign, and Sharon Lettman-Hicks, the CEO of African-American LGBTQ-rights organization National Black Justice Commission.

Prosecutors want information regarding John H. Jackson, CEO of the Schott Foundation for Public Education. Gillum served as a board member of the charity until March 2017. The Florida Democrat also served as president of a related non-profit, Opportunity to Learn Action Fund, until 2017. The subpoena asks for documents on Gillum’s political action committee Forward Florida and his midterm 2018 campaign.  more here

10 Comments on Andrew Gillum Hit with Federal Subpoena for Campaign Records

  1. Non-profits and politicians should never be mixed…but Washington won’t be stopping it anytime soon.

  2. Here is his chance to show the DNC that he has what it takes to be a contender in 2024. Will key witnesses be shot in the head, from behind, and then have it ruled a “suicide” or “mugging gone wrong”? Does he have what it takes to get key personal to take a drill to their office CPU’s hard-drive? If he can shine he can go far as a Democrat. If he can’t he should invest in “soap on a rope”.

  3. This corrupt clown almost became governor here and all the while during an investigation. That gives a good measure of the amount of loons this state is now infested with. Half the Northeast has moved here to dodge state taxes and they’ve brought along their idiotic democratic proclivities.

  4. I live in North Florida and this POS had a lot of voters. Every time I took my neighborhood walk I had to pass a house with a Gillum sign in their yard. The scrunt that lives there wanted to raise my taxes by voting for this clown loser. I spit when I walk past this house to this day.

  5. And the next one on the investigation list should be Stacy Abrams, the black Hillary “I really won” Clintoon.

  6. Not my mayor😉✔️
    Not my governor 😀✔️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Rot in jail, Commie Andy😀

  7. A.Moose
    They’ve been very busy with Scott Maddox, another former mayor and city commissioner.
    Maddox is white and had a lot more convoluted 60+ count indictment.
    Need to return to the figurehead rotating honorary mayor, where each commissioner got a year term to play mayor before passing honor to the next.


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