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Andrew McCabe is Stepping Down

He doesn’t dare wait until his retirement in March when he would get his full pension. Gee, wonder what would make him do this?

Geller ReportFBI deputy director and Clinton Colluder Andrew McCabe is stepping down

Draining the swamp. Long, long overdue.

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  1. Stepping down is not enough for this one. McCabe needs to be prosecuted.

  2. Has he testified yet? If not, now he can take the Fifth without being an agent.

  3. I have never thought the FBI was full of such good guys, it’s been corrupt since J.Edgar.
    The DOJ was keeping them in line until O’Baja and the Clinton crime syndicate made them the same.
    Throw in the IRS and you would think the Dims don’t much care for the middle class, eh?

  4. Christopher Wray read “The Memo” yesterday. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. No no he was fired . Yesterday the director of the FBI went to see the memo report and fired is sorry ass today.

  6. It’s going to get real for a bunch of these swamp monsters and traitors! There is a GREAT story unfolding.

  7. Anyone seen any Deep Thoughts from Comey lately? LOL

  8. “Anyone seen any Deep Thoughts from Comey lately?”

    I read that he’s lawyered up already too.

  9. Still not on board with “Chris Wray the White Hat” meme.

    “Director Wray knows it’s easier to monitor the entire network if the actors within the network are retained within the organization while the investigation continues to gather evidence against them…Do not assign illicit motives to Director Wray or buy into media narratives that are intended to create confusion and chaos amid the team of White Hats.”–Conservative Treehouse

    Sounds like Wray has no plans to prosecute McCabe or Rybicki. Hope it’s because they’re singing the Immunity song.

  10. Gee Golly – a early retirement seems mild, I was hoping for heads rolling… but maybe that was just a dream. Washington doesn’t seem to be able to cull itself. Is it just me or is it a fact that laws, rules and guidelines are only for us deplorable folks?

  11. Sounds like a bunch of attorneys are going to be padding their retirement accounts.

  12. Never in the field of human stupidity have so many smart people proven to be so stupid. As they command you at Denny’s “ ENJOY!”

  13. Fired, the sorry POS is actually on vacation (and a combination of accrued sick leave) and will be until his retirement is assured in March when he will get all retirement benefits accrued to date!

  14. The leftist teflon has worn off. They propped Mcabe up as long as they could. Now its time to go after Muller the russia/hillary bag man. Like a two bit hood from Brooklyn…

    Its amazing, but just four buffoons from the vaunted FBI, Muller, Comey, Strzk, and Mcabe have managed to utterly destroy the reputations of tens of thousands of Agents and a 75 year reputation.

    I was never fooled by them, but 99% of the people were, and believed they were all Eliot Ness types. They enjoyed a good run, but its ove thanks to this little band of criminals acting on orders from Holder Hitlery, Odinga, Lynch, et al… There names will be forever linked to the FBI for corruption and treason. Nice work fellas… you done good… doink.

  15. FOX is now reporting that he did not “Step Down”. They are saying he was REMOVED.

  16. His wife got the payoff. Not him. How deplorable do you have to be to start going after kleptocrats families!? Are you honestly claiming that gooder government apparatchiks would attack a prole’s family? What? Oh… never mind.

  17. Haven’t gotten to the kleptocrat’s yet. That will be covered in the Uranium 1 prosecutions. Which now looks like Mueller was neck deep in.

  18. He “WAS RETIRED”…i.e. not voluntary.
    ALSO: he is NOT fired; he is using his leave time to remain “employed” until separation date…meaning he still has the limitations on what he can and can’t (“taking the Fifth”) say.

  19. p.s. Per NameRedacted5, it ALSO means:
    1) he’s subject to congressional oversight and subpoena & cannot plead 5th. 2) criminal conviction erases all benefits.

  20. The way I read it, he was “terminally removed” from his office. He will go on vacation till he retires with full benefits.

  21. One less swamp rat. Trump is playing long-ball, laying foundation for swamp drainage. At least that’s the way I see it. Would any of you prefer to have that scum bag McCabe still on the ‘job’?

  22. Better find a cave in Afghanistan to hide in…

  23. Even though he was removed, they waited until the earliest date to do so and still allow him to get his full retirement. It might not have anything to do with Wray reading the memo. Could be just a case of the swamp looking out for each other. Now I’m pissed off!

  24. He gets to stay in order to receive his full pension. That’s how democrats get “punished” when they break the law.

  25. Full retirement and the witness protection plan.

    Good to see the establishment two tiered justice system is in place to protect the guilty and dishonorable.

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  27. SARARI will not let me got there. Click on your link 4 times in last 15 mi.. Each time SAFARI says “these are bad folk. You should not go there. then freezes.

    I knew not the Bush Clan were major SAFARI (apple) stock holders.

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  29. The link to is giving some readers trouble. Many are getting messages about the website being bad or configured wrong.

    Pamela Geller has been targeted by the left. They are trying to shut her down. Facebook has deleted many of her posts. I suspect these messages are just more ways to attempt to silence her.

    We need to pray that these tactics fail and those who are trying to silence her (or any conservative trying to fight the left) are found out and the truth comes to light. I don’t know enough about technology to fight it, but I pray that God will use someone to expose and deal with these evil people.

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