Andy Ngo Flees US After Latest Round Of Antifa Death Threats – IOTW Report

Andy Ngo Flees US After Latest Round Of Antifa Death Threats

Washington Examiner

Journalist Andy Ngo, who reports on violence from antifa members, said he fled his home in Portland due to repeated death threats from antifa, which law enforcement allegedly did “nothing” about.

“For a number of months now, there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by antifa extremists to …. kill me,” Ngo said during an interview with Sky News, revealing he fled to London.

“And all of those threats were reported to authorities, and even when I provided names of some of the suspects, nothing was done,” he added. More

15 Comments on Andy Ngo Flees US After Latest Round Of Antifa Death Threats

  1. Can’t you all just feel the tolerance and acceptance of the left? If one didn’t know better, one would almost believe they feel empowered by their perceived “win”. It’s probably gonna take them a little while longer for them to catch on but I wonder what will happen when they come to the cold hard realization that they are now subjects and no longer citizens?… no matter who they voted for.

  2. So he is getting real death threats and nothing is done but DC is creating threats out of thin air and bring in 30000 troops.

  3. Sooo, the continuing irony of this whole thing?

    He, from what I understand, is gay (I don’t care) and a Portland ‘liberal’. Yet he is run outta town??

    Although his family came from SE Asia to get away from totalatarians, yet he grew up in Portland and became a citizen journo, it turns out Antifag did not like him documenting so much. They also got PISSED at him for putting their UGLY mugshots on Twatter.

    This a major loss of street documenters, of what is actually going on in this dam country.

  4. Wouldn’t it be something to see some commie heads explode on live TV? Maybe then, the FBI would get their corrupt asses in gear.

  5. Don’t worry about that, but report anyone who says the election was stolen.

    Next thing you know businesses owned by Trump supporters will be firebombed (those that weren’t last summer) and those that escape that will have “Trump supporter – do not do business here” spray painted on them.

  6. Mr. Biden, Tear Down That Military Wall in Washington DC !

  7. Why the heck did he flee the US?

    All he had to do was get out of Portland!

    Come on over to Tennessee!

  8. He’s part of the problem. Mr. Ngo’s support of liberal policies helped create the radical left. He is a misguided liberal who wants his cozy Okey Dokey non-leathal verbal scrimmage with Portland RINOcrates restored.

    Now he has a real enemy that doesn’t care about his definition of tolerance. They are not satisfied with settling disagreements, instead Antifa/ BLM want to burn down the house of anyone not in lockstep with their ideology.

    Moving away won’t keep him safe. He might as well stay and fight – he’s got nothing to lose.

  9. Antifa is in England, too. And much worse. Plus when he takes a camera out, he’ll be jailed for inciting whatever violence they’re celebrating at the time.

  10. Also, I read somewhere that Ngo said the 1/6 ‘insurrection’ had no antifa in it. He ‘knows’ what antifa look like and how they act and they weren’t there.
    LOL. He should quit his day job.
    Even the FBI knew they were there.

  11. ANTIFA is only a threat where they’re tolerated.
    Most everywhere else they’re a group of thugs that people only hear or read about.
    Most anywhere else these punks wouldn’t dare show their faces because they’d meet a violent end.
    It doesn’t take a genius to realize they work in cooperation with local leftist controlled governments. Now it’s beginning to appear that the FBI is helping out too. This is obvious because the criminal organization has targeted and infiltrated any group opposed to ANTIFA yet avoid going after them.
    This Ngo character is not to be trusted,and likely a plant.


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