Andy Ngo testifies before Congress on Antifa violence—Democrats insist Antifa doesn’t exist


Andy Ngo, editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, spoke to Congress today about Antifa violence. This is a subject that Ngo knows intimately, as he has been the target of violence from this group since he began investigating them some years ago. Yet ranking Democrats on the committee don’t believe that Antifa exists.

In speaking to the House Oversight Committee, Ngo spoke of his own experiences with Antifa, the threats that he and his family received, and the assault he suffered at his hands. more

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  1. Antifa and BLM are the Brown Shirts for the Democrats. Should DJT get re elected the plan is civil war.

  2. Accomplices providing cover (smoke screen) for them, the liberals in charge are literally lying for their accessories in crime.

  3. Brad, I’ll make a game out of it when the time comes. Instead of “feeling the Bern”, they’ll feel the sting.

    Real silent-like.

  4. I see that on Quora quite often. I asked someone why I see pictures of people wearing the ANTIFA emblem. He replied, “Where? Show me.”

  5. @Anonymous, it’s not just Soros it’s his sons as well. They’re all hip deep trying to destroy both our countries.

  6. scr_north
    They’ve linked Tom Steyer to these groups too. What do we traditionally do with traitors?

  7. “Should DJT get re elected the plan is civil war.”

    If we’re not prepared for it there will be nothing to prevent it.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  8. During the Democrats dark past the KKK was their militant army. Today their militant army is Marxist Antifa.

  9. “Democrats insist Antifa doesn’t exist”

    Keith Ellison and his son are Democrats and THEY seem pretty sure Antifa exists when they declare support for it, does that mean White Democrats are calling these Black men liars?

    …THIS guy seems to think they exist too, a good Trans Hispanic it is too, are Democrats calling a Trans Hispanic a liar?

  10. “What do we traditionally do with traitors”?

    Reward them book deals and gigs on MSNBC/CNN? What’d I win? Do I advance to the next round?

  11. BLM donations go to Act Blue then to the DNC…..

    Antifa donations go to Action Network then to the DNC…..

    It looks like Antifa/BLM are the fund raisers and “Storm Troopers” of the DNC.

  12. Disclaimer – I have kin working for PG+E

    BRAD If you are GWB its a stern warning!

    I refer to the son of GWB’s buddy, executive VP of PG+E “Johnny Taliban”!

    Like the rest of Bush men: Brennan, Clapper, l. Lern …. Tom fears not!

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