Angela Merkel and the Destruction of German Democracy

American Thinker: These thoughts reflect the writer’s concern about the worsening political and social conditions in Germany, a nation whose importance — for America, Europe, and the world — should require no laboring to a readership of politically sophisticated Americans.

What’s happening today in Germany is deeply disturbing.

And it’s not for the reason casual American observers, including many conservatives, might think based on information derived from the mainstream English-language media.  Contrary to these purveyors of globalist, multi-cultural propaganda, the reason for growing unease about Germany is not the presence in the German parliament (Bundestag), and persistent electoral strength, of “Die Alternative für Deutschland” (“The alternative for Germany,” or AFD) — invariably, counterfactually, and ludicrously styled by the Western corporate media as the far-right AFD — as they style all western European political parties committed to preserving national cultures. 

Deep concern about Germany arises because of two different but related phenomena.

First, Angela Merkel’s destruction of the center-right Christian Democrats/Christian Social Union (the Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands, or CDU, and the Christlich Soziale Union in Bayern, or CSU, respectively), and her radical transformation of those allied parties, which together formed most of the post war governments that led Germany out of the physical and moral ruins of World War II.  Through Merkel’s policies, the CDU/CSU have been shorn of their conservative principles and become nearly indistinguishable from Germany’s extremist Die Grünen (“the Greens”) and its dying Sozial Demokratische Partei Deutschlands (the old socialists, or “SPD”).  read more

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  1. Merkel and those she represents, her side of the equation, needs to become more aware of what behavioral science calls counter control and the general public usually calls backlash.

    Push something too hard and it becomes like a compressed coil spring that can only remain compressed till the compressing force weakens and it springs forth violently and unexpectedly, destroying those things that have held it back in the process.

    Unintended consequences, and usually unexpected ones as well.

  2. And who was it that thought it would be a good idea to elect an East German to run the country in the first place?
    Poppin Fresh is leaving the ashes of a productive West Germany exactly like the shambles she migrated from. Shocker!!!!
    {Born in W Ger. family moved to E. while tubby was an infant}

  3. Germany’s been “confused” since the 30 Years’ War.
    Germany, since Wiemar (prior to that Germany was autocratic under the two Kaisers), has been a “democracy” only by the loosest of definitions.
    Germany has a declining birth rate and, consequently, must make up the deficit of taxpayers by importing rat-people who breed prolifically.
    The Oligarchy cannot continue its extravagant lifestyle (as well as ship billions of Deutschmarks to Brussels) without an ever-increasing base of slaves.
    It doesn’t occur to them to jettison the moribund socialism that’s destroying them rather than jettisoning their nation.
    (I’m using the “dialectical materialism” argument, here)

    To point out the obvious is, of course, treason: just as it is in our country and most anywhere on Earth – thus, the repressive measures. Those in power have a vested interest in staying in power and people who speak truth (or facts, at least) are always suspect.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Was stationed there in the mid 70’s. Took my wife and kids back for Christmas 30 years later. What a change. The beautiful base housing where we lived now is a muslim slum. The commissary is now a McDonalds where white people do not go.

    Thanks Merkel, you East German bitch.

  5. She was the German “Minister of Women & Youth” at 37 years old but had no children of her own. (1890’s)

    You would expect a person with life experience in that post.

    East German running a democracy – in most cases the formerly oppressed are most often the greatest defenders of liberty, but her old colleagues say she was a Marxist.

    If you read her wiki page you get quite sick in the stomach.


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