Angry Muslim-American flashes guns, warns Christians to be ‘terrified’

Ehab Jaber, a Muslim man living in South Dakota, caused an uproar when he recorded himself online showing off several firearms and making threatening comments. The Facebook Live rant took place in the parking lot outside a Christian conference in Sioux Falls. Jaber, who believed the event was anti-Muslim, reportedly has permits for the guns.   NYP has the video


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  1. Holy shit….they don’t seem to like me here because I ain;t Methodist, but we exchange cinnamon buns….Once he is lucky enough to get through Nebraska…he might be leaking….

  2. my brother in law was there. He said if the rent a cop hadnt done what he did . . .

    I posted this in the Bullpen a few days ago

    @Doc, I grew up there and it is now like a mini-Minneapolis. Beautiful but has its share of muslims and 3rd worlders.

  3. Somebody somewhere knows who this musloid asshole is and isn’t telling the authorities where he lives.

    He’ll soon kill someone for his pedophile god, and when he does they’ll have blood on their hands for being complicit in their silence.

    ……..or, we can find the guy ourselves and shoot him on general principle.

    How about we start a Go Fund Me page to create the funds to hire an investigator find him. Or, maybe they know where he lives already and are planning to use him as a false-flag event at a more opportune time?

  4. Brad, i blame the norwegian/swede/nice guy mentality. Its just a smaller Minneapolis. I’d be surprised if they werent a sanctuary city.

    Where did America go? He should have gotten a big beat down

  5. Charlie

    I have some Swede inlaws. Not the sharpest marbles, but not passive. Do we need to invade the Dakotas?

  6. I haven’t been in Sioux Fall in many years, but I still know some really good Long Range Shooters there that would love to target something besides Prairie Dogs!

  7. I almost got the opportunity a couple of years ago. I was walking down a city street and a black guy came menacing up beind me with the intention of assautling me and stealing my purse. I did a 180 and started stalking back toward him – looked him straight in the eye and was going to break his fucking leg – but he darted off and ran away.

  8. He sat outside the church thinking there was Anti-Muskrat ideology going on ???????
    We should do the same at their Mouse trap (Mosque) portals to HELL.Think there could be anti -Christian death talk inside ? ASS WIPES !

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