As all Dudes and Dudettes know, AWD rarely, if ever, has made a prediction that has come true been wrong. It’s a gift. And a gift that AWD shares with others.

2013 has been a strange year. Barack Obama has completely collapsed as POTUS. He’s approaching laughingstock status even with his own sycophants. How embarrassing it must be for stupid people to see your Messiah turn out to be a fraudulent, lazy turd!

The Wussypants Repubs have continued to suckar el grande uno! Not much of a stretch there for those of us in the predicting bidness. But the suckage from the Repubs has even surpassed the lowly levels of expectation we had for them.

The mainstream propaganda media has reached a new low. They no longer pretend to be journalistic enterprises. MSNBC is an insult even to stupid people. And stupid is what one would have to be to sit through that mind-numbing drivel.

Race relations in America are at the lowest levels anyone can remember. Black youths are openly assaulting innocent crackas for being white. As a community, blacks continue to circle the drain of humanity with violence, hatred, ignorance, and sullen dependence its hallmark. Thank you Eric Holder! I think we’re ready to have that honest discussion on race. Too bad you’re not! Asshole!

Culturally, it’s male, Christian, and cracka bashing time in America! Not much changed there. Crackas, Christians and white men continue to the only groups who can be criticized at will. And they are. White men, of course, are the biggest target. All that work ethic, you know.

So, without further waiting, AWD presents my 110% correct predictions for 2014


SNIP: Do YOU have any predictions?



  1. The Fashionista elites will turn their backs on Michelle, who no longer needs to sustain that “Eat Healthy” hobby and her ass will grow wider than two ax handles. Meanwhile Barry will drop any pretense of heterosexual behavior and spend more time with Reggie Love and the host of ex-cons he golfs with.

  2. My predictions:

    Al Gore will blame every single speck of extreme weather on global warming.

    Our 44th President will NOT come out as gay. Michelle will resent not being able to announce how “proud” she is.

    Some meathead on MSNBC will make a crack about Sarah Palin that is so utterly offensive he/she will HAVE to be fired.

    Yonkers will remain an attractive, viable alternative as a place to live for those who have jobs in The People’s Republic of New York but don’t care to be under Comrade de Blasio’s thumb.

  3. The democratic party thinks it has a brilliant idea to create a slush fund for themselves that will last a life time. They invest all union dues into Ex-lax, then tell all the low info voters that purchasing and using vast amounts of Ex-lax will guarantee them free health care for life. The plan fails however when no democrat is elected to office in 2014 because every single democratic voters head completely empties out, leaving nothing but mindless zombie roaming the streets looking for a hand out. I know it sounds a lot like 2013, but it will be different because rinos will be running the country. Okay, things won’t be different but at least Ex-lax will have a banner year.

  4. The stock market will collapse as everyone tries to pull their money out before the dems can confiscate it all.

  5. The Dums will continue to push Obama’s impeachment as a vehicle to gin up their masses and retain the Senate and win back the House.

    Even though there aren’t enough Repubicrats with backbone to actually push forward with impeachment.

    Although I am setting up meetings with my representative to try to get him to lead the charge.

  6. Stupid Somalis will blow themselves up in their Community Center Mosque on Cedar Avenue on Mpls West Bank near U of M….Hey that just happened!

  7. I do disagree with AWD concerning Obamacare. The website failure isn’t a big deal as the whole thing is designed to fail anyway. The more chaos and confusion the better so the same people who broke what we had (imperfect as it was) step in to “Fix” it.

  8. New York residents will stampede to get out of the state when
    taxes and bribes exceed 70% of income. The only place that will welcome them is Detroit.

  9. More doctors refuse to see patients on Obamacare. This makes Obama so mad that he threatens to hold his breath until they all bow down to him.

    Then every doctor in the USA moves to Canada.

  10. Obama will have a very public meltdown and confesses to all his crimes and hatred of liberty, the USA and every voter that was stupid enough to vote for him.

    When he realizes that the cameras and mics were on him and it was just broadcast live, he starts throwing things and grabs ValJar by the hair and scratches and bites her.

    She slaps him and he cries like a baby.

  11. 2014-

    1. Concealed Hand Licenses will be issued in record numbers as the year progresses.
    All women’s CHL classes will be very lucrative.

    2. Sunbelt states will continue to see a population explosion.

    3. Chelsea Clinton will attend Betty Ford.

    4. John Roberts will apologize to the nation.

    5. Republicans gain of the Senate in ’14

    6. Obama will be in secret talks to control wholesale marijuana sales in U.S. after leaving office.

  12. Zonga: The US is already past the circling of the drain. In fact we’re approaching treatment plant orifice.

  13. As others have predicted, democrats will throw in the towel on Obamacare. The democrats along with the MSM will blame all the failure and heartache on the republicans. Republicans will say nothing in their own defense.

  14. Dare we hope for a nasty tell-all from a former White House employee? Maybe Jay Carney will reach his tipping point and quit, then write a scorcher. Maybe Bob Woodward has a Barrybuster in the works. My most fervent wish for 2014 is that Boofoo Yomama is thoroughly humiliated, along with Poolosi, and with some spattering on Hillary as well.

  15. Claudia, I love your meltdown scenario but I can’t imagine His Awesome Turdliness ever losing it. He’s encased in solid ego, kind of like those old iron lungs that polio kids lived in, only his lets him be vertical and is made of lightweight titanium.

  16. 2014 Predictions

    – Sheriff Joe Arpaio will suddenly experience the same *accidental* fate as Breitbart just before he is to release his ground-breaking revelations regarding President Marx.

    – Bathhouse Barry along with members of his administration will seek political asylum in some foreign country.

    – Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson will lose their life under highly dubious circumstances. The accused, ironically, will be someone of color.

    – Bloomberg will perish in a helicopter accident.

    – A significant simultaneous terrorist attack will happen in San Francisco and Seattle.

    – The Hispanic and Negro demographic will come to the epiphany that BOTH political parties have been the ones ensuring they remain permanent victims.

    – Hillary Clinton will be kidnapped by Muslims and beheaded.

    – Netanyahu will conduct a series of covert, decisive, preemptive strikes against Islam……….one of them being on DC itself.

    – China will take out the North Korean administration.

    – Edward Snowden will shock the world with information that makes the JFK conspiracy look like a game of Tic Tac Toe. This information will thwart a false-flag attack right before it is to take place.

    – The dollar will collapse as designed, but the intended reaction from American’s won’t be realized in a way that the administration predicted (to their dismay).

  17. “MSNBC is an insult even to stupid people.”

    What a great statement !
    More broadly, Liberalism has become an insult even to stupid people. To see a moderately intelligent person try to defend the initiatives of the Left has become pathetic and comical.

    Happy New Year fellow intelligent Conservatives !!


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