Animal Shelter Thanks Responders for Viral Area 51-Themed Post

Breitbart: An animal shelter in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, thanked those who responded to their viral Storm Area 51-themed Facebook post on Monday.

“The response to #stormtheshelter has been out of this world! Thank you all who have supported, shared, donated and adopted,” the OKC Animal Welfare shelter wrote.

“Let’s continue to show everyone that adoption isn’t that far out of this world and support your local shelters!” the post concluded.

The initial post that went viral over the weekend included pictures of available pets wearing tinfoil hats and alien costumes.

“Come storm our shelter… We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn’t that far out of this world!” the Facebook post said.

The OKC Animal Welfare later confirmed that two of the animals featured in the post, a pointer-boxer-mix and a Labrador mix, were adopted. The shelter also reportedly raised $2,250 for the Patrons of the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter.

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5 Comments on Animal Shelter Thanks Responders for Viral Area 51-Themed Post

  1. Way to go! What a brilliant marketing idea and look who benefits. Not only do we get to make fun of the nuts, the critters also find ‘forever’ homes. So cute!

  2. …meanwhile, Democrats complained about alien cultural appropriation, especially with the White dogs….

    …just funnin’. God bless those folks for matching such sweet animals with their forever families. The new owners and pets will bless each other for years to come, thanks to them.

    …And bless Claudia for bringing them to us. Nice to have GOOD stories once in awhile, and it’s hard to do better than our faithful fuzzy friends…

  3. Only slightly related, but I thought it was hilarious when the Air Force announced it was taking the Storm Area-51 threat seriously.

    (I’m imagining them deploying their particle weapons to mass-incinerate a bunch of invading, tinfoil humans.)

  4. Whenever I hear stories about this storming of area 51 I think of Dale Gribble from ‘King of the Hill’


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