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Animals Gone Wild

GOOD BOY: Georgia Sheepdog Kills 8 Coyotes After Pack Attacks His Sheep.

SHOCK VIDEO: Coyote snatches toddler in front of horrified dad outside Los Angeles home.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Badass mom rushes to rescue 5-year-old attacked by raccoon while waiting for school bus.

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  1. Don’t trap them, kill ’em!!
    I know, I know… that’s probably illegal, but that’s where society has gone wrong!!

  2. Casper the Great Pyrenees deserves a life of comfort on the couch, but I bet he would rather fight 20 coyotes. Atta boy, Casper

  3. Uncle Al – Even animals learn that when mommy, daddy, brother or sister is no longer moving, no longer around, or pelts on the garage wall, Loud BANG = bad!

    … Just as they also learn to be emboldened by so-called “kindness”

  4. The raccoon story reminds me of a friend’s story about growing up in Tiny Town, Ontario. He had a Pogo Stick but was difficult to use because of the gravel driveway. His mother had to use it as a weapon to attack a rabid raccoon. The pointed face of the raccoon was just a bloody pulp when she finished with it. Robert said he could never use the Pogo stick after it had been used as a “murder” weapon.

  5. Bleeding heart liberals who want to save these coyotes should have to save those coyotes in their own homes. Bleeding heart liberals who support homeless bums should be forced to take in a carload of homeless bums.

  6. It’s not uncommon here for Raccoons to gang up on your dog if your feeding him outside, kill the dog, eat the food. They tried that one night on a 120 pound Chesapeake Bay we owned. Didn’t work out so well for the Raccoons. He killed two of them. Bad news for the dog is he had to stay in quarantine for a couple weeks.
    As of a couple years ago they still had a bounty on Coyotes in our county. Hardly worth it at $5.00 a tail.


    “On the day the cartoon animals
    Reverted to their natural state
    All the kids agree
    It was a sight to see
    When they peeled off the paper
    And they all ran free

    On the day the cartoon animals
    Reverted to their original work
    They threw off their anthropomorphic ways
    And totally went berserk”
    “The Cartoon Animal Song” by Heywood Banks

  8. I have an aquantence that invited me over to hunt doves and he has some LGD”s (.live stock guard dogs) that are half Anatolian and half Great Pyrenees about 150 lbs. He warned me to not get out of my truck until he could greet me….After that, all the dogs just needed their ears rubbed and a place to put their slobber on….

  9. Bring back fur to fashion. To incentivize trappers and hunters.
    The key to predator control is high raw fur prices.

  10. I remember driving farm to market roads in Texas and seeing coyote skins nailed to trees, power poles and fenceposts. Don’t know if it was an effective deterrent, but I’m sure it was cathartic.

    Coyotes are very bold. I remember having one suddenly appear behind my wife and I as we were walking in the neighborhood, just like a dog at heel, then veering off into a backyard, after a few very disconcerting seconds.

    Raccoon are, imho, evil. They are non-native in my area, so they are euthanized, rather than relocated (it’s the law, though often ignored). I trapped 7, after they stripped my sweet corn bare. I accidentally trapped a skunk and had to have the urban wildlife officer come by to euthanize it.

    She was a petite woman whose favorite weapon was a syringe at the end of a broom handle. She had just come from doing battle with seven raccoons at a warehouse loading dock. Raccoons are intelligent, aggressive animals, so there was significant risk in taking on a group like that, but she got them all. She was still on an adrenaline high when she showed up. Nice lady, but I wouldn’t want to irritate her.

    Unfortunately, the exterminator lobby “influenced” the Legislature to defund urban wildlife management. Idiots.


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