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NRA Protestors in Houston given their matching likeness from the animal kingdom. Watch

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  1. You can’t shame or change these people.
    When their life is threatened or their house is broken into, they’ll become believers, if they survive.
    Until then, don’t feed the animals.

  2. cato
    MAY 28, 2022 AT 6:57 PM
    “When their life is threatened or their house is broken into, they’ll become believers, if they survive.”

    …actually, no.

    Sleazy, OWS enabling Communist Federal “judge” Susan Dlott was attacked in her high dollar East side home by a tribe of the dindus she protects so much who stole her crap and her car, terrorized her for awhile, and kicked her scuzzball disbarred shyster theif husband Stan Chesley down some stairs (only GOOD thing they ever did in their lowlifes) and, other than seeing that those PARTICULAR guys went to jail forever, she still does everything she can to inflict them on the REST of us…

    …they don’t change, no matter what.

    Evil never stops.

  3. Ya know, when I see some fat pig young bitch with pink hair walking down the street I just want to temporarily lose control of the wheel. Splat.

  4. I was there yesterday. It was pretty funny watching so many losers going nowhere in life. I stood on the convention side of the street taking video and waving at them. That seemed to add to their screaming. When I left to walk a few blocks to the parking garage, I kind of hoped some of them would pull some of that Antifa crap on me. I was packing serious heat.

  5. Yeah, it’s interesting how polite they are when up close to someone who’s packing a roscoe….

    I find the blasphemy interesting, shows you whose side a red diaper doper baby is automatically on…

  6. The fascinating hypocrisy is if any of these demon loving bitches was in an active shooter situation they would be praying to the Lord God Almighty and a gun to save them.

  7. @ Cisco: I don’t know if they’d need a gun. If they’d all scream at one time that’d be enough to make a perp think twice, kinda like a Buddhist monk ringing a bell with his voice.


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