Anita Hill… I mean… Christine Blasey Ford Comes Forward With Her Hail Mary Pass About Kavanaugh

She says she spoke about this in couple’s counseling in 2012.

Wow. Kavanaugh ruined her marriage?




Ford Claims Kavanaugh Groped Her & Tried to Take Her Clothes Off Against Her Will.

Ford alleges that the incident occurred when Kavanaugh and an unidentified friend brought her up to a bedroom while they were all at a party. She says that he pinned her to the bed and groped her while trying to take her clothes off, and when she tried to yell he put a hand over her mouth.

Ford said to The Washington Post, “I thought he might inadvertently kill me. He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”

Ford then said she escaped when Kavanaugh’s friend, Mark Judge, jumped on top of them. She locked herself in a bathroom and then ran out of the house.

She said of the event to The Washington Post, “My biggest fear was, do I look like someone just attacked me? [I thought], I’m not ever telling anyone this. This is nothing, it didn’t happen, and he didn’t rape me.”

Ford’s husband, Russell Ford, has confirmed this recollection, telling The Washington Post that he remembers her talking about a “rape attempt” and explicitly mentioned Kavanaugh’s name and her concerns about his being nominated to the Supreme Court one day.


LOLOLOLOLOL. 9 people at any given time out of the entire country are Supreme Court justices, but she was concerned he would be a pick during Obama’s administration, with Hillary the heir apparent shoe-in in 2018.

Yeah, righttttttttttttt.

High School era picture–>



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  1. I’m sorry. If you were assaulted, you don’t wait 30 some odd years to say something about it. Money has transferred hands somewhere.

  2. Interesting that this was never mentioned for the Thirty Five years since he left high school.
    The enemies of our country are known liars. I don’t believe anything they say.

  3. Funny how priggish outrage of one’s past is proportional to who is doing the nominating.

    Oh, shouldn’t it be noted by the repubics frequently that Kavanaugh is nominated to replace the man he clerked for several years?
    Seems a good stfu retort to aim at the demoncrats.

  4. OK! who is buying too this stupid logic? That a victim was silent for
    35 Years, the liberal leaning victim was quiet including the Bush years when he was a WH staff member, and quiet the years he worked in others administrations.

    Anyone that was molested by, had extra marital or forced sex with, or did drugs with ANY politician, WH appointee now or past, or Federal Judge in the last 40 years.

    Please come forward now, or shut the hell up.

  5. That PHOTO! Woof!

    On another note: Diane Feinstein molested me as a child. My memory is my indisputable PROOF!


    Is gloria allred standing by to uncork “evidence” that no one can look at?

    Gotta taint the guy as illegitimate before it’s too late, it’s their last chance to complain about injustice forever.

  7. Why did she take a lie detector test by the FBI in July? If she had any dirt on Kavanaugh in July, why not say it THEN whether his name was on a list of candidates or rumored to be? No, she waits til the middle of September?
    She has a psychiatrist’s notes that she was talking about Kavanaugh? Gee, isn’t she herself in psychiatry? She couldn’t have schemed some bullshit with that person now, could she have?

    Let’s see… High school. She could have called the police, told her parents, told the school, told HIS parents, told her friends…rumors would have gone around about him. So where are all these people???

    Where are the other women if he’s a predator? You think he was only going to assault one and done? Pfft. That’s not how predators work, honey.

  8. This sounds to me like the Dems had a list of candidates and they searched for someone linked to every one of them to start up shit. I’m sure there are a group of people they have waiting in the wings for each candidate.

  9. *That’s not how predators work, honey.
    See Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Ted Kennedy…

    Hey MJA, FYI, Ramirez the cartoonist is now part of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
    Cartoons and a story in today’s paper.

  10. It’s time to anull the Clinton presidency.. every appointment he made.. everything he signed..

    And then there’s Teddy Kennedy… Every bill he sponsored needs be anulled

  11. OK one more thing. Her HS photo looks older than her today photo. lol

    Also, funny that she claims she passed the FBI lie detector test, yet when Feinstein gave the FBI her letter, they weren’t interested. The same FBI who hates Trump.
    So that tells me she either flunked the lie detector test, or she never had one done.

  12. I can’t believe this crazy lady, who used to babysit me and put lit cigarettes out on my arm, is trying to get away with this.

    Put me on TV. I’ll take a lie detector test.

    Children. Lit cigarettes.

  13. Pretty sure this is the same skirt who backed into your car and then left the scene of the accident.

    I’m sure other readers have had experiences with her that they just now recall and want to share with everyone else.

  14. I think it should be a min. 5 year sentence at hard labor in a federal pen if you lie about shit like this in the course of a govt. appointment! That should put an end to that shit.

  15. That’s just the story she told her hubby in counseling. Actually, she loved it and was a known easy lay.

  16. I would have been trying to put more clothes on her, not take any off.

    I would have been, like, you know, like: Does anybody have a burlap bag handy?

  17. Although I believe it’s nothing more than bull crap, who the hell would care if it did happen? I felt the same about Roy Moore, I don’t care what happened forever ago and I sure as hell don’t care what some HS kid did or didn’t do.

  18. Christine, the women of Santa Clara County have your back; we believe you. Your truth will recall this rapist from becoming part of the supreme court. As a professor of psychology you are well aware people rather close their eyes and ears than facing the reality in front of their face. You are acting as a decent person and as a representative of the psychology field. Don’t give up!



    For the record: Not a Dem or Rep here; I vote on issues! 100% a FEMINIST, PRO-LIFE, AND PRO-GUN CONTROL!


    Dear lord please take all these rapists to hell NOW!

    et ha’chayim v’et ha’tov; v’et hamavet v’et hara (Deutoronomy 30:19). Follow the light; Jesus is the light! FUC& TRUMP!

  19. FE0017.

    One who is a true believer never small caps The Lord. BUSTED.

    In The Name If The Nazarene…away with you leftist demon!

  20. Trump screws porn stars. Trump supports wife beaters . Trump brags about touching women’s private parts. Trump is an inept moron Russian money launder. A crook. Losers who believe his psycho bullshit are in for a very unpleasant 2nd Civil War. Your on the Slave State side. Welcome to your personal hell demons ✌🏻👹


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