Ann Coulter, Berkeley agree to new date for campus visit

Washington Examiner: Officials at the liberal University of California, Berkeley again asked conservative author Ann Coulter to speak at the school after initially canceling the April 27 event, both parties confirmed in statements Thursday evening.

Her speech had been scheduled for next week, but now will be held May 2. The university said the change is partly to find an “appropriate, protectable venue” to house the talk on immigration policy.

“We have an unwavering commitment to providing for the safety and well-being of speakers who come to campus, our students and other members of our campus and surrounding communities,” Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said. “While there may, at times, be tension between these paired commitments, we cannot compromise either.”  read more

13 Comments on Ann Coulter, Berkeley agree to new date for campus visit

  1. Any plans to let the local cops do their job? The real nazis are showing themselves, and it’s the black-shirts. RICO charges seem in order. Unmask, arrest, prosecute under felony charges. Felons can never own guns legally.

  2. When was the last time the national guard had to be called out to stop the democrats from stifling educational access? Second verse same as the first!

  3. It is stupid to hold an event ON campus. They’ve disarmed the Freedom of Speech crowd twice now. Showing up to a gun fight with out your gun is not that smart.

  4. Last night, after this article appears to have been written, Coulter said she is going on April 27th.
    Unless the university paid for all her re-booking fees, flights, hotels etc etc.


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