Ann Coulter: Casting Call for Another Anita Hill


Donald Trump is the only hope to save America, so the media have gone to war to stop him.

They don’t care about being exposed as lying, hypocritical swine — I’d describe them more fully, but it would require locker room talk. They’ll win the public back later. Right now, all that matters is stopping Trump.

The same media that are pretending to consider the use of a bad word equivalent to rape don’t give a fig about real rape, real sexual assault, real whoring, even real homicide, depending on who did it.

JFK was an STD-infected drug addict who cavorted with whores at the White House, but the media ferociously hid all this from the public, publishing fairy-tale versions of his presidency as “Camelot.”

And what happened to the 11-year rule? Trump said the word “p*ssy” 11 years ago, in a secretly recorded conversation. Eleven years before Sen. Teddy Kennedy ran for president, he killed a girl — but he ran, not only without apology, but, indeed, as the Conscience of the Democratic Party.

Throughout 2009, good, decent Americans who happened to oppose Obamacare were called the name of a gay sex act hundreds of times on TV — and that was just on MSNBC. CNN’s Anderson Cooper made the reference explicit when he giggled, “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.”

Among the people using this sexual slur were distinguished members of Congress such as U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Barney Frank. Were they fit to hold office?

Going way, way, way back to a few weeks ago, the same media gasping in horror at “p*ssy” sure didn’t mind my being called a c*nt repeatedly on a Comedy Central broadcast. And when I say “didn’t mind,” I mean they thought it was awesome.

But saying “p*ssy” 11 years ago is over the line.

Cut the crap, media.


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  1. Anita Hill was a fraud. When Clarence Thomas supposedly created a sexual hostile environment, Hill was a top official at the EEOC – the agency which formlated the sexual harassment rules and definitions, formulated the anti-retaliation rules, and mandated ways to report harassment. For Hill to claim that somehow she was intimidated or did not know the rules was bullshit.

    No one ever mentioned this during the Thomas confirmation hearings.

  2. Also, as mentioned, they (the liberals allegedly made canonic over hearing the word pussy) recently celebrated and bragged about calling Ann a C*NT over a dozen times during their comedy ‘roast’. Quite a way to treat any woman. Can you imagine if a conservative group/oerson did that to any liberal woman? Even Dunham or any of their equally morally depraved groupies?! That person wouldn’t find a safe hole to hide in.

  3. The last thing the news media wants is a safe, worry-free America. Panic and worry drives news ratings.

    Find the candidate the news media supports (i.e., the one who will bring about conditions favorable to mass news consumption), and vote against them.

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