Ann Coulter’s Fake News Autopsy

Daily Caller: Whenever Donald Trump talks about fake news, there are howls of indignation from the establishment media. We’re told that the very mention of “fake news” is a direct attack on our democracy, that the alternative is “darkness,” that it led to the dismemberment and murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and that, yes, every once in a while there might be a typo, but if you mean the media intentionally report false information, that is dangerous demagoguery.

I present CNN’s Ana Cabrera.

On Sunday night, Cabrera launched a premeditated, vicious, racist lie about President Trump, then proceeded to discuss the false story with a black guest, primed to analyze the fake news.

We’ll slow down the replay in order to follow the ball, so you can see every handoff in the creation of fake news.

A few weeks ago, when Judge Brett Kavanaugh was facing 30-year-old, completely uncorroborated accusations of sexual assault based on recovered memories in order to block his Supreme Court appointment, Trump said, “It’s a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of.”

This statement was quoted by numerous news outlets, including CNN: “Trump says it’s ‘a very scary time for young men in America,’” Jeremy Diamond, Oct. 2.

Cabrera rewrote the president’s quote, telling CNN viewers that Trump had said: “WHITE men have a lot to fear right now.”

How did “white” get slipped in there?

If this were merely a mistake, there are lots of words in the English language that might have been inserted instead of “white.” Why not “radial tire”? Why not “hangnail”? Why not the words “virtuoso” or “champagne”?

Dictionaries are heavy with all of the words that might have been inserted if this were an accident. How could the word “white” inadvertently get slipped into a Trump quote?  read more

3 Comments on Ann Coulter’s Fake News Autopsy

  1. Both Ann + Michelle have been on top of the AntiAmerica MSM for decades. Since the W Post has hated America for 70 years and the NYT for at least 95 years She could have written a 1,000,000 word article on the lies put out by the hate mongers at the MSM. I have not counted; but I think the # of words in articles Ann has written on the hate mongers in “news orgs” would be well over 10 million the last 20 years.

    She has confined herself to the hate mongering done just the last 3 weeks here and has over 800 words.

    Not since the hate mongering on Judge Robert Bork 32 years ago has it been so clear (to those who care, and are willing to put out the work to think for themselves) that the MSM hates America and therefore Americans!

    I went to a “liberal arts” college . So in ’61 I had to take Psychology. The psychological term for what the MSM has done the last 70 years is “PROJECTION” The MSM has been since ’48 saying that America lovers are doing what the MSM does. The real hate mongers in America since ’48 are, and have always been, THE PRESS!

  2. an ol exajarhead – agree! Leading to “PROJECTION” which re-using words is the same as ‘Mental Illness’. If only we could not defer, or replace the original meaning of words.


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