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Announcement of Major Breakthrough in Fusion Reaction Expected Tomorrow

Fox Business

U.S. government scientists at a California laboratory have reportedly made a monumental breakthrough in harnessing the power of fusion energy. 

The scientists, working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, recently achieved a net energy gain in a fusion reaction, the Financial Times reported, citing three people with knowledge of the experiment. 

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  1. they will be accidentally murdered as this can never happen. If a source of endless perfectly clean energy is discovered, the Fascist Left will lose a major source of endless control over the masses….never happen unless it is in a secret lab somewhere and it is publicized before they can be silenced.

  2. LuvntheBIGsites

    Probably not to far from the truth. We’ve done a fair amount of machined parts for NIF. Until the Stanford regions decided to shut the program down for a while and not pat their vendors.
    Fascinating program though with lots of really cool history. But they’ve been 10 years away for about 60 years.

  3. Why doesn’t the gov’t promote development home-based wind and/or solar power? Why exclusively mandate land greedy solar farms and giant bird slaughtering windmills? Why does every solution require centralized planning and gigantic projects costing hundreds of billions? Hey, I think I just answered my own question

  4. Hey Brad …..I’ve got a perpetual motion machine that I need some parts machined for….it’s all based on if I can free the hamster that’s running Karine Jean-Pierres brain….

  5. Is ‘Major Breakthrough’ a synonym for ‘Bomb shell news’, ‘Breaking News’, ‘Unbelievable’, ‘Must See’, ‘Exclusive’, ‘Huge’, etc.???

  6. Believe it when I see it. Unless it is a sustained fusion reaction that releases more [controlled] energy than is needed to initiate the reaction then it’s not that big of a breakthrough. It may be a big step to positive energy creation but it won’t be the actual thing.

  7. Like those carburetors that got 100 mpg….
    or those cars that ran on water….
    “They” ain’t gonna let us see it.

  8. Yawn….
    Call me when somebody here in the USA dusts off the molten salt reactor at Oak Ridge and starts making inherently safe electricity from Thorium again like they did in the 50s and 60s in their experiments. Better hurry up though, we gave all the information to india and china a few years ago…

  9. Man, Ultraman, Or UltraMAGAman?

    They won’t need to steal it. Our state department will just hand it over to them. A couple months ago they passed off a ton of work the very same DOE did on a revolutionary storage device. Just handed it over. Like the Chinese are smart enough to complete it. They’re not.

  10. To put things in context, the process involves billions of dollars worth of high power lasers pointed at a tiny target the size of a pin head with a laser pulse lasting less than a billionth of a second. It’ll be a few years before you can go to Walmart and buy one.

  11. So, this project was actually started back in the 60’s. How the whole thing works is, they drop a little light in these cement chambers lines wit mirrors that direct the light thru salt crystal ergo magnifying the light as it bounces towards the intended target. A super miniature Coors can with a window on the side and the Isotope of the week inside the can.
    So back to the 1960’s. First major problem. At the rate they could grow salt crystals in that day, it wold have taken them a couple 100 years to get the salt crystals. Meanwhile, one of the braniacs, I’m not kidding these peeps are some of the smartest I’ve ever met, read a paper by a Soviet scientist on how to accelerate the rate of growth of Salt Crystals. All theoretical. The CIA smuggled the futher mocker out of Russia. Gave him a years supply of Vodka and some hookers and told him go to it. It worked.
    They have a museum there open to the general public. Fascinating stuff. Don’t wonder off. They’ll shoot yo ass.

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