Another Anti-Trump FBI Agent Identified

Here’s her hair. What a disgusting mess.

Go to the execrable Daily Mail to see the rest.

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  1. Saw this earlier today…disgusted… and saw that soy beta agent as well…

    What the hell is goin’ ON!


    Then the prick weaponized them in the last month by exec order.


  2. BFH: Yes the Daily Mail is execrable, but what other newspaper has bothered to hunt down this perfect example of a Creature from the Barack Lagoon? This is the greatest, execrable newspaper in the free world. What other newspaper has articles about Hillary Rodham Clinton that includes a list of her excuses for losing the election. And yes, it always includes Macedonian Content Farmers in their constantly updated list of her laughable excuses. I rest my case.

  3. @ Tommy – Was it? With due respect, point me in that direction. Did The Great Stain Maker sign an EO?

    Only because I remember the hag that went on TV, outed herself, and said that how it was important for the intelligence to be spread among her colleagues?

    What was her name? Evelyn Farkas?

    Listen to 1:05 CLOSELY eyes are BULGING..the hesitation… and ‘people are worried’.

    NOW we know WHY she is worried!


  4. Portlandian

    Moyer texted her lover, ‘Screw you Trump,’ and added that Hillary Clinton ‘better win … otherwise i’m gonna be walking around with both of my guns’

    YHTBFKM! This evil creature is armed with a license to hunt conservatives?

    Don’t ever give yours up. This is one clear reason why.

  5. … in the context of an FBI agent receiving a presidential award for public service, Agent 5 messaged, “…I think now that trump is the president, i’d refuse it. It would be an insult to even be considered for it.”

    I think you’re safe, dearie.

    How full of themselves they are.

  6. Hmm. Best feature… Hair? Scoliosis? Lice?
    No, I hear that her best feature is that you can tell when she’s about to fart by her kettle-drum-like stomach rumbles. How thoughtful.

  7. @Col.: I base my statement on her having been hired in 1997, during the reign of Der Schlickmeister. I’m willing to be wrong.

  8. It makes me sick to read all this profanity being texted and tweeted. No wonder kids today are so cynical — there are fewer and fewer people out there to admire. Now they can officially cross FBI Agent off their “things I would like to be when I grow up” lists.

  9. Lice, bedbugs, sans deodorant, socialist Dem. DC is filled with these types. Gawd, she bagged another woman’s spouse…how is that possible? Oh, I saw the guy’s pic, my bad.

  10. Ugh, it looks diseased. I can just see her tentacles wrapped around the face of her fbi agent/husband.

  11. A high school classmate joined the FBI forty something years ago. He made it sound like the FBI practically told him what color of sofa he could own and what brand of toilet paper he could have in his home. Standards have clearly fallen a long way.


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