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Another Candidate Drops Out

Lincoln Chafee (RI-D) announced today that he is withdrawing his name from consideration as the democrat nominee for president.






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  1. So the Dem race is pretty well worked out now. The criminal, the socialist, and that one other guy – you know, young, good looking, he’s been in the race for a while. But he’s stuck at 1% in polling for some reason.

  2. Watch for O’Malley to drop out next. This way they won’t have anymore debates.
    It’s all set in stone; Hillary will get the nomination, and pick Sanders for VP in order to rally the base.

  3. He saw yesterday that they weren’t going to haul her away from the Congressional hearings in chains so he knew his chance was 0.0000000000 instead of 0.000001

  4. One good thing about the party debates though is that the candidates get all their dirty laundry out. Killary will sail into next summer without opposition, and nearly any GOP candidate will crush her in the debates.
    And frankly her health is a major issue, still. What she has gone through will be brought up, and there is a good chance that she will have another episode. I’d still leave open the possibility of someone jumping into the race.

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