Another Dog For the Patriot Pet Gallery

How do you solve a problem like Maria??

Just letter romp in the leaves.

(Christmas is coming, folks. Last year people waited too long and I had to hustle like a one legged tap dancer to get them all complete. If you have plans for this as a gift I would think about it now.)

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  1. Very nice, BFH! At first glance I thought your rendering of the pup had unnatural-looking eyes. Then I looked at the photo, and it turns out that the pup itself has somewhat unnatural-looking eyes. Good work!

  2. Maria looks like an adorable little scamp!
    I’m going to need her address so I can come over there to roll in the crunchy leaves with her! <3

  3. I would love to get one of our 13 year old Pom, Squirt. I could hang it in Mr. RottyLovers room at the nursing home. He would love that, as she was always his dog. Sigh.

  4. When are you doing Petey? Was I not direct? I would love to have a BFH Petey portrait.
    Petey is experiencing a health trauma and I’m extremely nervous about it.

  5. @BFH – your pet portraits are absolutely amazing. The way you capture the animal’s emotion is beyond belief.

    Thank you!

  6. Okay, here’s a full disclosure.

    Maria is up on my wall in a room that I don’t use that often.

    When we walk into the room we point and say MARIA!!!
    And I swear that dog moves in the leaves.

    (This painting was done awhile ago. I’m only now adding it to the gallery.)

  7. Looks so life-like–I’m amazed! May I ask the size you use and length of time to paint one like this, Sir Fur? Because…I need to know how you organize your time. I have 5 I began several yrs ago–and am finally reset space-wise…until I get a visitor; then I have to tear down (I live in a small studio apt.) which makes it difficult to finish!). Just asking….

  8. Every time I look at the 2 portraits you’ve done for me I swear the cats are about to speak. I want to hear what they have to say. The way I figure it, my cats have had the opportunity to enjoy your company.

    BFH’s prices are very reasonable especially since you will get a treasure in return.

  9. When I used to live in Hawaii, I’d learned that they have their own version of engrish there. Not the pidgeon one.

    Wife #2’s mother was getting a new dog.

    She was getting a young Chi Hua Hua.

    I says, Chi Hua Hua?

    Figure it out.

  10. Old Gal-
    the time varies…

    Harp (in the picture gallery, is 8 x10 and I did it in 3 hours.

    Phoebe is 11 x 14 and she took 2 nights.

    Freddy was about 5 hours.

    There’s really no telling.
    Sometimes I’m just in the zone and every move I make works great.
    Sometimes it’s a struggle.

    I’ve always been very fast because my start in art was all insane deadlines.
    The worst was the Boston Globe.
    You’d get a call at 3:00 and you had until 6:30 when Fed Ex showed up.
    Concept, sketch, finish in 3 1/2 hours.

    Looking back, I have no idea how I used to do that.

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