Another Father’s Day, and so many kids without fathers around

American Thinker: As we celebrate Father’s Day, I thank God that I had a mentor in my life, the kind of man who understood what it means to be a father.  Not everyone is so lucky.  So let’s chat about the “father crisis” in many communities in the U.S.

Ten years ago, I cut out this article from the Wall Street Journal paper edition.  I saved it and look at it from time.  It was written by Juan Williams, author and Fox News contributor.  It is “The Tragedy of America’s Disappearing Fathers“:

The extent of the problem is clear.

The nation’s out-of-wedlock birth rate is 38%.

Among white children, 28% are now born to a single mother; among Hispanic children it is 50% and reaches a chilling, disorienting peak of 71% for black children.  MORE


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  1. I hardly ever agree with Juan Wlliams but he is correct on this. Thankful I was blessed with a wonderful father who did not die in WWII but his life was cut short by his injuries. There are still things I want to ask him today.

  2. Happy Father’s Day to all.

    Check out John McDermott “The Old Man” (with lyrics.) Youtube

    Have tissues handy.

  3. If President Trump suggested what Juan Williams said ten years ago and Senator Moynahan (NY) said 50 years ago, he would be called a racist!
    That’s a fact.
    There’s a cartoon in today’s NY Post (6/17) which says it all:
    MSM: “The good news is there’s a chance the North Korea might give up their nukes. The bad news is, it’s because of DONALD TRUMP.”

  4. When kids aren’t rolling in dollars like their idols throw out on TeeVee, where does the blame fall? Well mama isn’t suppose to be out raisin glocks and droppin rocks, dats supposta be gangsta daddy. Daddy ain’t perfomin, we be kickin; either with another kneegrow or the gubamint.
    Pop culture done got us fuxked.

  5. @ Moe Tom- who the hell are you to make me cry on Father’s Day with that song!!? A classic…

    My Dad and MENTOR gone 30 years now…and raised ten.

    Miss him dearly and daily.

    THANKS…for ‘commanteering’ this thread.

    The thread? Daniel P. Moynihan warned us about this and was laughed at.


  6. My father died suddenly and unexpectedly when he was 30; my brother was 7, I was 5, my mother was pregnant.
    I don’t understand why any woman would choose to be a single mom or why any man would abandon a pregnant girlfriend. If you would choose to create a broken family, you might as well just kill babies.
    Oh, wait, nevermind…

  7. Yes my friends, much has been written and talked about this problem over the years, but ignored by the lefto’s.
    Back in the 90’s the sit-com Murphy Brown. was the rage of the left: A 40ish
    well-to-do woman decides to have a child outside of marriage. She didn’t need a husband and the child didn’t need a father.
    VP Dan Quayle remarked in a speech on family values, that the sit-com “sent the wrong message” to America. He was laughed at and called an idiot by the left.
    In a Washington Post article May 25, 2012, author Isabel Sawhill pointed out the Dan Quayle was right. Too late!

  8. Brad


    I saw Harry at the McCormack Place Theater in. Chicago in the winter of 77-78.

    Harry one night and America the next night.

  9. Just another shinning example of how phucked up life is when liberals attempt to run the show and carelessly support unmarried women to suck off the government teat and likewise allow for those same women to pop out all the babies they want without regard to their sperm donors.

    Thankx liberals….we can almost believe you give a shit about America. But not quite.

  10. As big a problem as kids without fathers is men and women who have chosen not to have children. DINKs as they are called.

    So we now have about a generation and a half that is not joining the population to pursue a selfish existence. Part may be selfishness. Another may be that the laws are designed to strap men to a post while the government robs them of 26 years of their earnings if a marriage doesn’t work out and turn them into criminals if they miss a payment or lose their jobs.

    The same system that calls college age men rapists without due process was calling and stigmatizing men as deadbeat dads long before that. Because privilege or something.

  11. This is what I witnessed in CA: Hollywood actresses adopt stunt children from foreign nations and also have out of wedlock babies, because- brave single momz! And then some dumb star-struck woman thinks that she can do the same thing. But she hasn’t figured out that ‘Hollywood mom’ has live in nannies, housekeepers, cooks, etc who take care of her and the kids. Not to mention cash from the famous baby daddy. Hollywood people are terrible examples on how to live your life. But that goes without saying.

  12. Cliché Guevara,

    Not jumping into the absolute fool’s game of 2018 marriage in our extractive matriarchy should not be conflated with selfishness. That’s not fair of you. White boys are finally joining the game of assessing incentives and disincentives as they go through life. Every other demographic has been doing that as naturally as breathing.

  13. JJR,

    I thought I qualified that one enough.

    There is no shortage of perverse incentives towards the MGOTW movement.

    Government involvement in picking winners and losers in a divorce has led to the destruction of the family and prevention of future families.

    Everyone who gets married should enter a civil union. Straight, gay, whatever. It’s a contract adults enter into like any business partnership. The government should not approve, certify or remedy religious ceremonies or the dissolution of them.

    Terms for insurance, medical decisions, wills, distribution or liquidation of assets should be spelled out before “I do”.

    It ain’t romantic but the prescription on those rose colored glasses expires long before the marriage does.


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