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Another Jihadi Caught in New Jersey

Another Jihadi Caught in New Jersey: ‘God I Am Ready for Your Orders. Blood, Blood, Destruction, Destruction. Allah.’

PJM: Does a Saudi national count as a “white supremacist”? On Monday, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced that Bader Alzahrani, a Saudi national who is in the United States on a student visa, has been charged with stealing a school bus and transporting it across state lines. But this is more than just a vehicle theft: Alzahrani made a number of statements suggesting that he’s a jihad terrorist. But since Saudis are generally considered “white,” will the feds call this “white supremacist terrorism”? Don’t put it past them.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey last Thursday, Alzahrani “knowingly and intentionally received, possessed, concealed, stored, and disposed of a motor vehicle, namely a 2020 Chevrolet School Bus.” Alzahrani is accused of stealing the bus in Essex County, N.J., and driving it into Pennsylvania, where he lives.

Far more ominously, however, an unoccupied residential home across the street from the parking lot from which the bus was stolen was broken into. A backpack was found in the broken-into house, containing Alzahrani’s Saudi passport and a number of “other items that appeared to belong to Alzahrani.” Among these items were journals that contained entries in both English and Arabic. The entries were hair-raising. more

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  1. They just arrested one of those where I live. The Muslim perp was camped out in his car near a Catholic Church and school for weeks. They had him under close watch and when they finally moved in to arrest him, he had an AR-15 with plenty of ammo. He had New York plates on his car that weren’t valid. Something’s up!

  2. Does a Saudi national count as a “white supremacist”?

    Jihadi Arabs tend not to be white. They’re more turd colored.

  3. I’m with you, Geoff.
    The boy wants “blood, blood, destruction, destruction”?
    Then give it to him. But make it hurt. Make it personal.
    Beat him with a heavy blunt object until he begs for mercy.
    Let him die of his wounds. THEN feed him to the pigs.
    (letting him die before feeding him to the pigs is optional)


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