Another MAGA Hat Racist Incident Caught On Video!!! (Or Was It?)

The best video of the year, by far!

ht/ C. Steven Tucker

13 Comments on Another MAGA Hat Racist Incident Caught On Video!!! (Or Was It?)

  1. That was a perfect depiction of how liberals manipulate everything to the way they want and view things compared to reality. SHARING!!!!

  2. I understand how/why the dipshit libs create fake news. The guy putting on boots without socks and no gloves to help… a bit dramatic though.

  3. Nice!
    ‘Cept that’s now way to get off the ice. Gotta take your foot off the gas.
    The white guy shoulda put his foot in the bitch’s mouth.

  4. Just got my ten MAGA hats the other day, gave away a few, and have been wearing mine. I am selling the remaining hats at my flea market space making it the only place in our town (pop. 9000) that you can get one. No incidents yet but it’s just a matter of time.

  5. The left collectively wakes up in the morning deciding to take everything the wrong way. They are deranged.

  6. We’ve seen so many situations like this when people jump to conclusions without waiting to hear the entire story! It’s time everyone stop, consider the best you can make out of the situation you see but wait until you have all the information before spreading hate news. As far as CNN reporting, I’m not surprised. They are the lowest of the low, always ready to make a dime on someone’s misfortune!

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