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Another Massacre of Peaceful Jews By Savage Muslims

Over Saturday a terrorist knocked on the door of a family’s house who were celebrating the birth of a new son. They let him in (not knowing he was coming to kill them), and he killed the father and two son-in-laws.
Although they call it a “settlement,” these places are very similar in appearance to suburban communities in, say,  south Florida, just keep that in mind.
Also, the media in the US is trying to portray this as another bit of violence in the Temple Mount Dispute, (which, by the way is pretty dumb once you know the facts), but has nothing to do with it. These people were just trying to live peacefully, not join in riots (like the Muslims) in the old city.
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  1. The civilization and thriving economy that the jews have created from the desert wasteland is the big prize, nothing more.

  2. What the arabs want to keep from the west is that the Palestinians could have had their own country a couple of years after Israel. After the partition there was a period of fighting with each side trying to push the others out. The palestinians weren’t very good at it even with the help of the arab neighbours and a the end the Israelis with 40% of the population (and growing rapidly through immigration) ended up with 60% of the land (a lot of it desert sold to them by palestinian absentee owners) while the palestinians with 60% of the population had 40% of the land. One thing to remember as well is the fact that the Britsh Mandate (which had been promised to both sides by the brits) used to also contain Jordan which the british gave away to neither the Jews or the Palestinians which left a far smaller piece to partion. Anyway, if the Palestinians hadn’t been so swayed by the other arab countries (who hate the palestinians almost as much as they hate the israelis) it would have been about two years before they got their own madate from the UN to form Palestine out of the land they held in 47.

  3. This will happen in Europe, in America, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, and so on. It’s just a matter of time.

    In those places, the leftist Jews have brought it on themselves, and on everyone else – by pushing for open borders and enabling the islamic invasion.

    Suicidal progressivism should not be tolerated. Not from any group. Not from any individual.

    Western nations should be allowing the same number of muslims into the West that Israel allows into Israel: ZERO. The muslims already here must go back.

    If you want to enjoy ‘diversity,’ move to Africa.

  4. “His hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand will be against him.” And that goes for his descendants in the Iberian Peninsula and from thence to the New World.

  5. I lack the skill to describe how enraged I am over this news. Making references to what was done to the Native American population or Nazi Germany and the resulting cultural reformatting of lets say the Comanche, Apache or Sioux and of course to Germany.

    I want the same cultural reformatting of not only the Pallytards but of the whole Muslim world. I’d be willing to pay the price required but that kind of talk will not get you invited to many dinner parties and will 100% result in you getting shot if you are running for any kind of office.

    Because we lack the will to fix the problem this problem will be the eventual death of Western Civ.

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