Another Opportunity For the Media to Look Like The Hypocrites They Are

DMF: Why would someone send pipe bombs with dummy triggering devices to obvious high-profile democrats just days before a crucial election, one where the Republicans are extremely competitive? After weeks of videos of crazed mobs publicly harassing conservatives, do we have a progressive non-exploding ‘we’re bomb victims’ hoax.

We have all watched as time and time again CNN talking heads have gone out of their way to excuse left-wing violence. Fredo Cuomo has asserted that not all punches were equal, Antifa punches were better than conservative punches. Don Lemon celebrated the restaurant mobbing of Republicans while bubble head Brooke Baldwin argued passionately that democrat mobs were not mobs, and to say an angry, intimidating mob was a mob was a “Republican talking point.”

But now, oh how things will change. We will have many hours of moral instruction from our Ruling Caste about how now it’s time to start tone-policing, and that tone-policing will begin and end with telling Republicans they have to stop making political arguments or else People Will Die. They again will be executing the Sarah Palin Playbook, completely ignoring the fact that Democrats have frequently called for confrontation and incivility, and that CNN in particular has been a strident advocate for mob intimidation and even mob violence. MORE HERE

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  1. It’s not “going down to their level” to want to see some Leftists ‘disappeared.’
    It’s not “ratcheting up the violence” to want to see some Leftists Arkancided.

    At this point, it’s merely a Measured Response.
    In their language.
    Which is long. Long. Overdue.
    Also, it’s the only thing that they’ll understand, and which *might* make them change paths.

  2. Did they ever find out who sent that Trump-bashing memo to the NYT? The one they tried to pin on Pence because “lodestar”? I’m thinking this bomb thing is like that: We’ll never find out who did it, but it was definitely someone on the right.

  3. just read a post from a former USPS employee that stated that the USPS doesnt deliver to any home under SS protection. It goes to the SS first.

    If this is true then another lie exposed

  4. Dummy triggers and I suspect that the “explosive charge” will turn out to be black aquarium sand. This is a charade from the get-go.

  5. Alinsky is running out of dirty tricks and resulting to desperation. Take this stunt as a good sign they know they are going to lose “bigly”.

  6. If fake bombs are so effective at scaring the bejibbers out of Dems, maybe Trump should make a big show of planting fake land mines on the border. Relax Central American Army, they’ll all be fake, swearsies.

  7. Ali Velshi thinks he is not a nazi because he’s not white, he’s a Northern Iraniadian Jazz Hander.

    Ali, Open Sesame
    ► Black Cobra Snake Charmer Flute Dance 0:45s

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