Another Pet Added To Our Patriot Pet Gallery

This one is a little different.

Poor Lazlo asked if I would paint his beloved Angus, the caveat being that he wanted a different kind of background.

“Something bucolic,” he said.

“You mean you want the dog to have diarrhea and stomach cramps?,” I asked.

He said, “wait, I changed my mind. How about something with a nice countryside? Perhaps a river?”

I said, “I can do that, but that may cost you a little extra, and I’m worried because your name is “Poor Lazlo.”

He said he could handle it.

Here’s the photo and the painting-

There’s still time to get Christmas orders in, but that window is closing. Inquire at

We still have two wonderful completed paintings in the hopper that I haven’t shown yet. I will roll them out next week.

This has been very exciting for me, very fulfilling, and I thank everyone who has participated, immensely. It helps keep this blog going and you get something back in return, something that I hope stays in your family for generations to come.




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