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Another ‘Racial Attack’ Ruled a Hoax

American Thinker:  The laid back and trendy college town of Iowa City was plunged into turmoil a little over two weeks ago, after a black University of Iowa freshman claimed that three white men had viciously attacked him in the downtown and called him a racial slur.  A media firestorm ensued, with the first report airing on a Chicago news station.  Iowa City police quickly declared they were investigating a possible hate crime and even consulted with the FBI.  City and university officials were on the defensive.  Social justice warriors held protests.

The hate crime, however, turned out to be a hoax – just as more than a few observers had suspected all along.

Marcus Owens, 19, nevertheless found willing ears from media outlets and among university officials when claiming that racist college-age white men had attacked him in the mostly white college town – a city that social justice warriors have long claimed is pervaded with an undercurrent of racism, as reflected in all the “microaggressions” and standoffishness supposedly suffered by black newcomers.  Many blacks from Chicago’s inner city have migrated to Iowa City in recent years – thereby ending its status (to the delight of liberals) as an orderly whitopia.  read more

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  1. Interesting. The Tawana Brawley fiction was created to avoid a beating from her stepfather.

    I hope the city sues the family for the cost of the police investigation. And BTW, I hope this asshole becomes as legendary as Tawana Brawley so he can use his business degree asking, “Do you want fries with that?” in Spanish.

  2. Has anybody noticed that there really isn’t racism or a “rape crisis”? All of these accusations are turning out to be bullshit.

  3. The family was trying to make that jump into middle calss and get their kids out of that cesspool Chicago and their son screws them. Years ago the lie to the parents would have been tripped down the stairs but in Obama’s America the lie is victim of race hatred. While the kid cost the city a lot of bucks I don’t think he should be charged. He should be put on probation at the University though where any infraction causes his expulsion. I say no prosecution because by now his name and face are plastered all over town and it will be a long time before he lives this one down.

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