Another Round of Ben Affleck Groping and Embarrassing TV Host

He’s got the groping part of his democrat politician resume’ covered.

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  1. Yeah, he acted like a jerk, but I’m having a hard time with the selective bashing going on over at Twitter.

    I’m in no way excusing what he did. He shouldn’t have done it and he needs to make amends.

    However, when someone is groped or propositioned, as people such as Paltrow and Jolie claim, and they say nothing until years later when it all comes out that many others were treated the same way before and after them, and they said nothing because they feared for their careers, I’m not seeing that as “brave” or “courageous.” Especially those who received some sort of settlement, like Rosie Whatever (never heard of her before), these people chose their careers and personal enrichment over the safety and dignity of those who came after them.

    Also, these people overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton, whose husband is a serial sexual assaulter and who was enabled by her because she wanted a career on his coattails. So, sorry if I’m not all over the “Get Ben” bandwagon in light of the massive hypocrisy endemic in the lives of these people who prostituted their own values and compromised the safety of others.

  2. Have to agree with Lisl on this one. If it was soooooo bad, what took you so long to say something? Had to wait until you made your millions and had an Oscar nomination?

    They went from victim to enabler in my mind. Imagine if they had spoke up earlier. How many girls would have been spared.

    But, it’s not like this isn’t known and accepted in Hollywood. Its a cesspool. Any parent that allows their children in that world is a child abuser.

  3. @mudjuice. You are right.
    Everybody has their price, you can choose to pay it or not. I’ve always known that the bigger the star, the more he/she paid. Remember Linda Hamilton and James Cameron, Woody Allen, Polanski, Hitchcock, deMille, etc. This part of the history of acting goes way, way back.

    The power wielded by the makers of ‘entertainment’ is enormous. Laying at their feet are the beautiful, talented, and star struck. But many times, the novice actor/ess started selling themselves long before, they reached Hollywood.

  4. Some old rich, married guy I used to work for called me into his private office (I was about 23). He asked what I would do if he grabbed my boobs. I told him I would punch his face so hard he’d need reconstructive surgery.

  5. There’s a huge difference between the behavior of Ben Afleck and Harvey Walrustein. Ben is a loathsome pig; but, a he’s also handsome and flirty and, as far as I have seen, the gals are playing right along. If Ben were a plumber, or a car salesman, he’d still be getting laid. Harvey is repulsive and thoroughly charmless. No woman, except a prostitute, would willingly meet him at a hotel if he didn’t have stardom to offer.


    🌟 When you laugh and giggle, and play along, we assume you like it.
    🌟 When you wait until October in an election year, no one believes you.
    🌟 When you wait until past the statute of limitations, you legally have no case, and the court of public opinion wanes.
    🌟 If you have evidence, produce it right away.
    🌟 If the police dismiss your claims, you can STILL submit a criminal complaint to the D.A., and that’s on record.
    🌟 You can still sue in civil court.
    🌟 If you liked them for their power, and get jilted, your claim has less merit.
    🌟 It’s not what is TRUE, it’s what you can PROVE.

    Preserve phone calls, photos, hospital records, police officer names, D.A. names, case numbers, results of case, videos, possible CCTV recordings, witnesses.
    Never be alone with a perv, unless you can prove he was a perv to you.

  7. That’s funny, now all of a sudden the rules of behaviour libs made, apply to them as well?
    Heck, Congress doesn’t even do that !
    What’s next, being uncool if you wish death on the President?
    I guess it was uncool, 11 months ago.

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